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insomnia63 : Final Standings
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August 25, 2018

insomnia63 : A unique drama?

In a super twist of events today, insomnia63 has seen a sudden drama happen earlier today in a elimination stage match between Team Unique & Cat345. We’ve seen a few stories in the past at iSeries, from those players who cheat, the great SpacePanda cheating debate, the TLR disqualification, but suddenly not disqualified, we’ve had it all.

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August 25, 2018

Insomnia 63: The Playoffs- LIVE!

This article will contain all the results from the playoff bracket for i63. Keep checking back here to keep up to date with the tournament as it progresses.


Round of 16

Team Unique 2 : 0 BYE Cat345 2 : 0 Chetz esports Team Endpoint 2 : 0 Salient Fierce Esports 2 : 0 Kicked Dropped Reformed Fnatic Academy 2 : 0 Rasta CeX esports 2 : 0 Swing Daddy Devious 2 : 0 HEART&SOUL Business 5 2 : 0 Mighty Luckers

Quarter Finals

Team Unique 2 : 1 Cat345 (*) Team Endpoint 2 : 0 Fierce Esports Fnatic [...]

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August 25, 2018

Insomnia 63: Swiss stage round-up

This article will be focused on the second half of the Swiss stage and playoff bracket. We covered the first half in our previous article so be sure to check that out prior to reading on. However, the scoreboard for the first half of the Swiss stage can be found here:

…And whilst we're at this mid-point at the #UKM_CS Open, let us all take some time to briefly review the Swiss bracket standings at the end of Round Three.

Whilst four wins are required to confirm a spot in playoffs tomorrow, the remaining matches will be used for seeding.

— UK Masters (@UKMasters) August [...]

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August 24, 2018

Insomnia63: Swiss group stage – half way point

We are now half way through the Swiss format group stage at Insomnia63. Three rounds of matches have been played with some high quality ties especially in the third round. The first round of matches were fairly routine and saw no upsets of note.

All the scores for round 1 are as follows:

Round One of the Swiss Bracket (Credit: UK Masters / Michael Moriarty)

Once again, round 2 saw results go as a betting man would predict. The most exciting match up came with Business 5 taking on Team monkaS. The business 5 squad (Kioshima, Boaster, Surreal, Kryptix and CRUC1AL) were pushed close by Team monkaS containing UK up and comer Leaf but [...]

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