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Gfinity Elite Series S2: Week Two Standings
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October 10, 2017

epic22: The Hype Train Arrives

With the news of Multiplay’s iSeries Winter LAN being cancelled, this means the UK LAN events come to a close early for 2017, and our next UK LAN event won’t take place until February next year with epic23. That’s right, back to back epic.LANs now until the first iSeries of next year, so you get to enjoy all the action in Kettering first.

A sell-out event, the first October event (since it was reintroduced) to sell out and with a higher capacity, this event will be incredibly lively. In Counter-Strike, twenty-two (at time of writing) teams will be heading to Kettering on Thursday, and it looks like it will be a very tightly contested LAN event, with several [...]

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October 7, 2017

Gfinity Elite Series S2: Week One Standings

Late into Saturday evening the first week of the Gfinity Elite Series season 2 came to an end, with the final match almost heading into a comeback for exceL eSports after a less than spectacular T side of Cache against the Swedish Epsilon eSports side. All in all, the four games went the way we predicted in our week 1 preview, with the scores mostly being in the right ball park. The exception of course being the win by Method over Team Prophecy, who managed to take a 7 round lead and deny the Bulgarians the crucial bonus. The three other losing sides all managed to secure in excess of ten rounds, meaning that they earned the point.

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October 7, 2017

Gfinity Elite Series S2: Endpoint vs Infused Recap

The debut game for the new season of the Gfinity elite series was between two of the top British teams, Team Infused and Endpoint. Both teams needed to take the first round win in order to put them in good standing before their second week match-ups, seeing Endpoint face off against last season’s best of British team exceL and Infused taking on the dominant Team EnVyUs.

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October 7, 2017

Gfinity Elite Series S2: Week One Preview

The first play date for Counter-Strike in the second edition of the Gfinity elite series takes place tomorrow, with CS taking centre stage from 5:30pm to round up the first week of games. As hopefully the first of many previews, this week will likely be one of the hardest to predict. With none of the teams with consistent rosters facing off against each other, correctly calling the outcome of the games could be a tough ask.


Team Infused vs Endpoint

The only British match-up this week sees Team Infused take on Endpoint. And even to say that they are British rosters, Endpoint’s roster make-up consists of two Europeans who have joined them for the second season. [...]

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