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PhoenixUK : Special show on Sunday at 7pm

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It has been a long time since we last did a special show, in fact I believe it was April last year when PhoenixUK was on for a regular time. Over the course of that time, many new faces have not been forced to see this wonderful masterpiece that I have created. However for a few months last year, it was an incredibly successful show that spearheaded epic.LAN’s Stream Team and provided the UK esports scene a talk show that covered a wide variety of talking points.

With epic.LAN around the corner, and much debating to be had in the scene, on Sunday evening, for three full unadulterated hours, you wonderful people will be subject to the monotone voice of Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton, and a panel quickly whipped up in the last week or so. We will be covering, epic.TWENTY in great detail going over the various teams who could win the event, and the form guide of some of the teams at the event. There will also be two interviews as well, with teams I haven’t and won’t be covering in the written interview series I have been doing the last week or so. This is because I felt it best to give as many teams a chance to be seen and heard prior to the event in a bid to shine more light on the UK CS:GO Scene.

Of course, we will be hearing from our panel, which is made up of some rather intriguing names within the scene, and we will also be covering Dota2 in greater detail, and will particularly centre around the ordeal of Multiplay deciding to drop it from the insomnia LAN events, and how the knock on effect will be felt in the UK Dota scene.


PhoenixUK returns to Sunday evening temporarily (Credit: epic.LAN)

The guests will be open to questions from the public, either through our dedicated hash tag on Twitter (#PhoenixUK) or on Twitch chat for the duration of the show. Our panel this week returns with Elliott “Sed” Brown who stems from Team uFrag and has a vast knowledge of the UK Esports landscape currently, having teams in both CS:GO & Dota.  We also have various familiar faces such as Ryan “Flakes” Oliver, Michael “Duck” Moriarty, Liam “DOOPZ” Whitehead and Douglas “Zambrella” Todd, so make sure you tune in to a cracker of a show.

The CS:GO Panel

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton – Host & Content Director
Ryan “Flakes” Oliver – CS:GO Caster
Elliott “Sed” Brown – Team uFrag Owner
Michael “Duck” Moriarty – Journalist

The Dota2 Panel

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton  – Host & Content Director
Douglas “Zambrella” Todd – Dota2 Caster
Elliott “Sed” Brown  – Team uFrag Owner
Liam “DOOPZ” Whitehead – UK Dota2 Scene Expert

Special Guests

Jay “f00b” Davenport – Dragon Esports Team Captain (CS:GO)
James “wAVE” Dunn – wAVE’s Money Crew Mix Captain (CS:GO)
Tom “Barguul” Cribb – Enslave Gaming Team Captain (Dota2)
Jordan “MagicTurtle” Abbott – Former Team uFrag/Perilous Gaming Team Captain (Dota2)


Sunday 12th February – 7pm – 10pm

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

  • Small introduction into epic.TWENTY, amount of teams, official prize pool etc.
  • Jay “f00b” Davenport’s interview
  • The form guide; who can win epic20? Will there be upsets? Can someone flop?
  • James “wAVE” Dunn’s interview
  • PANEL DISCUSSION – What is the state of the UK CS:GO Scene, is it healthier than a year ago?


  • Small introduction into epic.TWENTY, amount of teams, official prize pool etc.
  • PANEL DISCUSSION – Multiplay dropping Dota2, is it a sign of things to come? Will the scene survive with just epic.LAN?
  • Tom “Barguul” Cribb’s interview
  • Panel Predictions for LAN
  • Jordan “MagicTurtle” Abbott’s interview

If the show is deemed successful, we will try to continue this in a new format and on a slightly different day depending on schedules from various members in the community.

You can tune into PhoenixUK on Sunday evening on the epic.LAN Twitch Stream, don’t forget to get involved too through Twitch chat and through the hashtag #PhoenixUK on Twitter. If you do miss the show, you can re-watch on the epic.LAN YouTube Channel. Some parts maybe used during the epic.TWENTY Streams through the course of the weekend.

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