Radix announce new line-up

by Michael MoriartyMay 16, 2017

After their multiple mixes during Insomnia 60, Radix are coming out strong with their new line-up. The squad is mostly made up of their previous iSeries mix (not fish123), after the moderate success the team had, with a fourth place finish. The new squad mixes in experience with young, raw talent.

This roster sees three of the “i60 mix team” players, Danceyz, dOMM and dream, being retained as part of the Radix organisation. Alongside them, they bring in a new IGL in the form of experienced r0m, who recently was a part of the ill-fated “Premier Kings” side. Next up is ozzy, who’s been in a fair few teams over the past couple of years, including CAZ, Infused and others.

Most recently the squad has been taking part in the PGL Europe Minor Qualifier, where they’ve managed to reach the Ro64 (narrowly losing 16:19 to Alternate aTTaX) and Ro32 (losing 16:6 to Outlaws) in each of the open qualifiers.

The team is already set to attend the upcoming epicLAN as their first LAN tournament, as well as taking part in the upcoming qualifiers for UK Masters. They’re also set up to take part in S25 of ESEA, competing in the Main division. The team is also looking to partake in European tournaments, leaning on the experience Ben “r0m” Smith gained whilst out in Sweden in June 2016.


The full Radix eSports line-up is:

Zaki “Danceyz” Dance
Dom “dOMM” Sulcas
Chris “dream” Choat
Oscar “ozzy” Scott
Ben “r0m” Smith

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