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Raptors go full-time with AdamJC addition

The Irishman will finally play ESEA Advanced.

by Tom Coles

Raptors have announced that Adam “AdamJC” Colwell has joined the team, replacing Matthew “moz” Gelder. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the Irishman has already played with the team in UKIC Division 1 and the RES European Masters UK & Ireland qualifier, but now joins the team full-time.

AdamJC is an experienced player within the UK & Ireland scene, but he has previously been stuck in ESEA Main as the in-game leader for K10 and The Last Resort. He stood down from The Last Resort after ESEA Season 48, as they failed to gain promotion to Advanced; he was replaced with Rhys “Rhys” Stumbles. This move means AdamJC will now play Advanced for the first time, and will not be calling, as Anthony “BehinDx” Luscombe handles IGL duties for the Raptors side.

The Raptors roster, then under Coalesce, gained an unexpected promotion to Advanced in ESEA Season 48, while Viperio and The Last Resort failed to make it through the promotion play-offs. They moved to Raptors in the off-season, and finished with a 5-9 record in Advanced as well as third in UKIC Season 2. Having also finished third at EPIC.41, they hope the addition of AdamJC and the move to full-time CS will help them take the next step and challenge for domestic titles, and obtain invites to international events.

In a statement announcing moz‘s departure, Raptors alluded to scheduling conflicts with the Englishman as the main reason behind his departure:

Unfortunately due to scheduling restrictions we were unable to compete in several online tournaments. However, with this roster change it allows the players to go full-time and focus on improving together.

Raptors are now:

Michael “Prime” John Fury
Anthony “BehinDx” Luscombe
Karrar “Karrar” Almayali
William “wfn” Maskrey
Adam “AdamJC” Colwell

Szymon “deuce” Czapiewski (coach)

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