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redSNK moves to NerdRage

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Late last night, James “redSNK” Littlewood put all rumours to bed and confirmed he would be joining NerdRage after Jonathan “Sheekey” Sheekey was removed from the roster last week. redSNK announces this move after attending epic.SEVENTEEN with his Infused mix lineup, where they managed to secure second place spot losing to Barrage eSports in the grand final. The team were looking for a strong leader to carry on from the foundations Sheekey had put in place, and they could see no better choice than redSNK as he has an impressive track record of LAN finishes and tournament experience.

He has been the cornerstone of Team Infused’s lineups for the last two years, and leaves a big question mark over what lineup Infused will pick up next, or if they will move away from CS to focus on their domination of the console scene.

redSNK released the following statement on the NerdRage website when they announced he was joining

I’m really excited with this new adventure and playing with these guys, as soon as I started playing with them in a few practices I saw there is a lot of potential and just how much work Sheekey had put in with these guys. I hope we can replicate the results that the guys got early on against some Tier2/Tier3 teams. Thanks very much to the guys and to NerdRage for this opportunity!

The complete NerdRage lineup is now:

James “redSNK” Littlewood
James “Lumji” Webb
Shane “SHANEY” Smith
Jerome “Roma” Parramore
Chris “dream” Choat

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