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REPORT: bevve bootcamps with Danish team

The team, known for their controversy in the Danish scene, has begun bootcamping in Denmark.

by Dafydd

EPIC.LAN 38 winner and former Viperio star, James “bevve” Slinn, is reportedly in advanced talks with Sashi Esports to join their new-look team. Multiple sources have informed UKCSGO and Dust2.dk that the Danish team is looking to rebuild after a turbulent season.

Sashi Esports might not be a team well-known in the UK scene, but in Denmark they have built up a reputation as a good team with a scandalous streak. They currently compete in the Dust2 Power Ligaen where they will face exzentriq united in the relegation stages of the league.

The eleventh ranked Danish side now looks to make a change as they are in talks with bevve and Nicklas “jarko” Rasmussen to join the two remaining Danes on the team; Mikkel “n1xen” Borlund and Rasmus “Skejs” Gleerup. Sources close to Sashi have informed us that bevve is currently in Denmark bootcamping with the team.

bevve most recently played under Viperio where he found immediate success, averaging a 1.12 HLTV rating over a 20 map period. Unfortunately he was unable to play the Blast.tv Paris Major RMR Open Qualifiers due to personal reasons and eventually parted ways with the Copenhagen bound-squad. Since then he has been competing with the mix called “Man I Love Frogs” who have just qualified for the UKIC Spring Invitational.

Dust2.dk, in collaboration with UKCSGO, reached out to Mark Kristensen, Sashi’s sports director, who stated*:

“I am not going to deny or confirm rumours. However, I would like to say that we are looking for new players, we are still very early in the stage and compared to the past, we would like to choose players with whom we can build the team over a long period of time.”

The fifth and final player that Sashi are in-talks with is currently unknown at this time. If the trial period proves fruitful Sashi will be:

Nicklas “jarko” Rasmussen
Mikkel “n1xen” Borlund
Rasmus “Skejs” Gleerup
James “bevve” Slinn

*This quote was translated from Danish

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