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According to sources close to the team, Husky is on trial with the team as TIMMO's replacement for Fragadelphia.

by Dafydd

As earlier reported this week by UKCSGO, BLVKHVND are looking to replace Tim “TIMMO” Musters ahead of their trip to the United States to compete in Fragadelphia 17. UKCSGO can now confirm that BLVKHVND are trialling Husky to be that replacement.

Back in July, Fraser “Frazehh” Sollom and company were one of the favourites coming into EPIC36, and although they had only been together as a roster for three months, their expectations were to win the event. Disappointingly, the roster lost in the final to a mix containing Cai “CYPHER” Watson and coached by Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram.

Now, with the Fragadelphia 17 Last Chance Qualifier just half a month away, BLVKHVND are trialling Oliver “Husky” Gollings to be the replacement for TIMMO. According to sources, the reason for TIMMO‘s departure from the team comes due to poor performances but also a lack of flexibility in his schedule.

For Husky, this will be his return to playing for an organization after competing with EKO back in 2022. Since EKO’s disbandment, he has competed with John “Dutchy” Holland under the team name Havik Esports so joining BLVKHVND would be a huge upgrade as they are now a salaried roster. If the trial goes well this would also give Husky an opportunity to compete on the international stage.

If the trial is successful, BLVKHVND will become:
Jack “DeXter” Hepple
Josh “JAUSTERE” Philpott
Fraser “Frazehh” Sollom
Richard “Zulu” Wood
Oliver “Husky” Gollings
Cedric “Tome” Pas (Coach)

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