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SOS find a home and recruit MMS

After leaving EKO, the SOS team have finally settled on a roster and found a new home.

by arnie

After a couple of months out in the wilderness without an org, SOS (formerly EKO) have teamed up with Viperio esports. The team also settled on their final member for the new squad, coming out of left field by picking up former Temperate member Marco “MMS” Salomone.

MMS has never played higher than ESEA Main and despite winning Insomnia69, the 19 year-old rifler will be surrounded by speculation to see if he can jump to the next level.  The move caps off an extremely successful year for the player after getting his first HLTV matches at the start, winning LAN and now getting a opportunity on what is widely considered the third best UK team.

Viperio will look to show off their new lineup in the ESL Premiership that is set to start today (Monday 24th) and in ESEA Advanced. UKCSGO reached out to MMS for a comment on the move:

I decided to join as I think it is a better opportunity, and it gives me a chance to basically go full time within a team, which will in turn give me the fastest improvement as I’m playing a lot more CS. I’m also playing with really experienced players who can really help me and have been so far. I feel great to join a team who has accomplished multiple international LAN wins, and I hope to accomplish more with them too.
Honestly thanks to ex-temperate, (mrhui, eMy, ReegaN, fluFFs and Moshi) if those guys hadn’t took an opportunity on me this would of never happened, and I hope they continue grinding as we were on a good path. I wish them all the luck until we play them.

Viperios roster is currently:

Tom “arTisT” Clarke
Javier “Ping” Griffiths
Callum “Girafffe” Jones
Jack “Gizmy” Von Spreckelsen
Marco “MMS” Salomone
Ciaran “biscu” King (Coach)

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