Team Infused grab some Pickles

by GumpsterMarch 15, 2017

Team Infused have announced today that they have replaced Steven “Snakey” Dang with Charlie “Pickles” Pickles through social media. Team Infused have been competing in both ESL Premiership and Multiplay’s UK Masters. They also have been competing in the European league, ESEA’s Open League. However, results have been not quite where they had wanted in the meantime. They failed to qualify for ESL Premiership having finished fifth in the table with three losses. They’ve lost four times in ESEA (although three of them have been defaults with teams not budging on time or dates).

This marks the first official change since Team Infused announced the pickup of NOTB back in late January. Bringing on Charlie is an interesting move, for much of his UK career so far he’s been languishing down in the lower echelons of the scene, but over the last 6 – 9 months he has been steadily improving his playstyle. Charlie then shortly after epic.LAN in February announced over Twitter he was quitting work and concentrating on Counter-Strike full time in a move that incredibly shocked everyone. Whilst in a team back then, it seemed his move even confounded his teammates at the time, so much so that team ended up folding, which cued up this incredible tweet from Charlie.


We don’t have a proper “gamer photo” of Pickles. So this’ll have to do.

Charlie did fill in for Team Infused last week in UK Masters and seemed to hold his own as the team squeaked past Team Endpoint, and then drew against Imperial the following night. Charlie will now be joining Jonathon “Sheekey” Sheekey and co for the long run, and could prove an interesting time for Charlie’s aspirations on getting better in the Counter-Strike world right now.

Team Infused’s roster now looks like this:

Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Scott
Charlie Pickles’ Pickles
Shane ‘Shaney’ Smith
Jonathan ‘Sheekey’ Sheekey
James ‘Lumji’ Webb

Team Infused’s next event will be insomnia60 in April at the NEC and we will be there to cover them and every other team in greater detail. We look forward to see how Charlie performs on the top level scene and see if his dreams can become actual reality.

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