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Temperate announces new roster

The organisation has finalized it’s roster with the addition of the former The Last Resort core.

by Sampied

Amidst the blockbuster roster moves to happen this player break, the UK scene has something to rejoice over as another UK roster finds a home.

The former core of The Last Resort which includes Marco “MMS” Salomone, ManHo “mrhui” Hui, Emyr “eMy” Green has officially signed to Temperate. The team has had varying levels of success with their most notable finish being a fourth place finish at EPIC36.

Although Reegan “ReegaN” Ward only joined the squad in May, they have already shown an upward trajectory which is clearly backed by a playoff finish at the recently concluded EPIC36, losing to eventual runner-ups BLVKHVND in a close series with both maps going 30 rounds and beyond. At a time when the org investment into UK CS:GO is vital, this news comes as a very big boost for the domestic scene. A new roster joining the fray against teams which have proven their worth against the best teams present in the UK Circuit is surely a step in the right direction for the scene as a whole.

UKCSGO reached out to mrhui for a comment:

Well first off we’re super happy to join Temperate as communication with this org will be ten times better than previous orgs (exception for XENEX) and they’re actually competent in supporting us too, and what that means for the team is that we can just purely focus on playing the game and improving and looking forward going to LAN under them.


The future aspirations for us obviously is to make Advanced and start winning UK events and stop being the 4th/5th best team in the UK and also beat BLVKHVND at some point.

Temperate are now:
Beau “fluFFs” Newton
Marco “MMS” Salomone
ManHo “mrhui” Hui
Emyr “eMy” Green
Reegan “ReegaN” Ward

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