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The Last Resort returns with former Legates trio

The long-storied organisation was here at the beginning and they will be here at the end.

by Tom Coles

Just weeks after Legates Esports closed and left its team without an organisation, the roster has added two new players and signed with The Last Resort. The veteran organisation, founded in 2003, has competed in Counter-Strike across its various iterations. Numbering Thomas “Thomas” Utting and Henry “HenryG” Greer among their alumni, the team competed at the World Series of Video Games: London 2006 event in London, and won SYchosis 2 in Doncaster in 2008.

They were a regular sight at EPICLANs and iSeries, and most recently fielded a roster featuring manho “mrhui” Hui, Marco “MMS” Salomone and Emyr “eMY” Green, who were released last June. The team made the play-offs of ESL Premiership Spring 2022, but would find their greatest success after their release – winning i68 by reverse-sweeping EKO in the Grand Final under Temperate.

The team looks slightly different from the one that competed under Legates. IGL Alfie “Rayman” Bench’s team lost Tom “praisy” Panting and Connor “Finui” Finucane when they left Legates, and chose to fill the AWP gap with Michael “ZAL” Chapman, formerly of NHR. The 22-year old finds a new home shortly after his removal from the NHR roster due to “attitude issues” .

The team retains Connor “Bigun007” and Kerran “K6y” Bartlett from the Legates core and has now added Joseph “Nenwin” Best as their fifth. The rifler will be somewhat familiar to them, having previously stood in for Legates during Season 42 of Main, and most recently competed in Intermediate with The Lizards. 

The team debuted at the recent UKIC CeX Spring Invitational under the name “Choppers”, losing to eventual champions Into the Bin in the quarter-finals after using Sebastiaan “Acorn” Wehnes and Hristiyan “REDSTAR” Pironkov as stand-ins for the qualifiers. The team will be seen in the upcoming season of ESEA Main and are also set to retain their spot in the upcoming season of ESL Premiership, starting next month. They will be hoping they can do justice to one of UKCS’ longest-running names.

The Last Resort are now:

Alfie “Rayman” Bench
Connor “Bigun007” Suddons
Kerran “K6y” Bartlett
Michael “ZAL” Chapman
Joseph “Nenwin” Best

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