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UK & Ireland Circuit goes Free to Play

This new change aims to create more healthy competition for the region.

by Sampied

It’s a well known fact that grassroot development starts with a healthy competitive structure. UKIC is one of the most active hubs for UK CSGO enthusiasts. One barrier which may come over as an obstruction is that of a monetary fee which may make some interested players shy away. However, in an effort to combat, the hub has gone free to play in the aim of encouraging stronger and healthier competition in the region.

Hubs like UKIC are crucial for regional scenes because they offer a stage for prospective players to compete against one another, while also picking up tips from more seasoned players that attend them.

UKIC is separated into four leagues for players of all levels, including a invite-only Pro league which aims at promoting competition amongst the best and brightest of UK and Ireland. Along with this decision, the hub has also undergone some structural changes which will allow for more games to be played at any given time.

A finals will follow three invitational events that UKIC has already announced for the year in addition to these adjustments. For improved community outreach, two community leagues will also be established, along with a revamped website and discord. UKIC also have more changes that are yet to be announce which UKCSGO will be providing coverage on.

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