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UKCSGO Vault is here!

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Since i64 we have been working on a new feature for our site so provide a central location for all demos to be stored for UK events. I am proud to introduce you to the UKCSGO Vault!

The UKCSGO Vault has been designed to house demos for as many CSGO events as we can get demos for. This relies heavily on tournaments providing us with these demos, but luckily for us I was running the servers last iSeries so had all the demos, and epicLAN have already agreed to provide us with a large history of their demos. For the time being we will be beta testing the code with just the i64 demos, then when we are happy all of that is running smoothly we will start adding the massive collection of demos epicLAN has.

The UKCSGO Vault is here! A home for demos for all UK events

The UKCSGO Vault is a searchable database of demos. All you require to search for demos of your games is your SteamID64. This can be obtained by taking your standard Steam ID (STEAM_1:1:XXXXXXX) and putting it through a conversion service such as STEAMID. Once you have this SteamID64 you can place it in the search bar at the top of the page. This will then filter the demos so only games you played in will appear.

Each demo page provides you with a scoreboard of the game and a download link for the demo so you access it and make clips of all your big plays of the event.

UKCSGO Vault match page - scoreboard and download link all in one handy place.

UKCSGO Vault match page – scoreboard and download link all in one handy place.

On average it takes one demo 15 minutes to be added to the database, and iSeries had around 240 recorded at it. This means that while we are announcing the Vault now, not all i64 demos are in the database yet so if you can’t find your game just yet, check back and it may appear. Like any tournament of this size, there will be a few corrupt demos, we have already run into one or two and sadly there is nothing that can be done about these. If they fail to get added to the system then they are not in a fit state to be downloaded or even played by CSGO so it’s counted as a write off and discarded.

We have a long roadmap of features we want to add to the Vault, but with demand growing the i64 demos each day, there’s no better time to release it, test the base code and make sure it is ready to handle a whole lot of historical data. Should you run into any issues with the system, please don’t hesitate to send us a DM via Twitter, or the contact form that the side of the main UKCSGO site. I’m sure a few of you will have suggestions for improvements too, but at this stage we want to make sure everything is working. This is far from the finished product but we are excited to finally unveil the first steps.

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