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UKCSGO Weekly #12 Roundup

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Coming into week 12 of the UKCSGO weekly cup we see some new and old faces. As the tournament continues to grow we’re expecting to see a lot more upcoming teams take their shot at winning 10,000 FACEIT points!

As we dive into game one, we saw Meme take on NSFUK. The map that these two teams decided to battle it out on was Train, although not seen all that much in the competitive map pool it still remains one of the more ‘tactical’ maps.  With high expectations for both teams Meme lead by Kyle ‘Swaggyavi‘ Wilson take the knife round and start on Terrorists. Train is still considered a Counter-Terrorist sided map by many so this was a bold move, but as we got into the game we soon saw the raw potential of this mix. Meme ended up taking five round before NSFUK could score one back for themselves. It wasn’t looking good for NSFUK. Out of nowhere NSFUK started to take back rounds like they owned the playing field, stopping any attempt ‘Swaggyavi’ and his team of memes tried to make to gain control of a site. With the score now tied at five – five the game continued to go back and forth between the teams with the half ending in favor of NSFUK eight to seven. As the game pushed on to the second half the Meme team started to show their stronger side like the first few rounds of the Terrorist side, constantly stopping any attempt NSFUK made to enter the sites. The final score? 16-10 to the meme team as they progressed into the quarter-finals.

Going into the second game of the night, again on train, we see DotSD take on Radix. We’ve seen Radix take part in our tournaments before so hopefully that means they can put on a show, and a show they put on. Starting the game very strong on CT going 8 rounds before DotSD were able to take a round back for themselves, it started to look a little bit like the last game with Meme and NSFUK. Radix proved that to not be the case, plowing on to take the half to twelve to three. Radix showed no signs of stopping into the second half continuing to dominate DotSD to the very end, 16-3.

What would be the final game of the night was about to start between SpeedyG’s Mix and Decodea“But how could it be the final game , the quarter-finals were just played?” I’ll get to that at the end. As we jump into Cobblestone we already start to see players from the the Decodea side experience connection issues. After winning the knife round and opting to start on the Terrorist side Decodea called a timeout for one of their players to reconnect, SpeedyG’s Mix understood and patiently waited for the player to reconnect. The game starts with all ten players connected and Decodea take the first round… and another six after that. It wasn’t looking good for SpeedyG or his team. He didn’t let the score dishearten him and neither did his mix. It looks like they have Decodea sussed and bring the score back to seven – eight for the half. Things were looking up for the player. Decodea had other plans as they decide to push forward into the Counter Terrorist side twelve to eight. SpeedyG’s Mix were struggling, a very rare situation for the players being regulars in the tournament. The game ended up closing out 16-10. Through-out the game there was some accusations against the Decodea side for cheating and “skipping” around the map. Before heading into the finals to face 6stan1ey a FACEIT Admin (Waves) called to speak to the Decodea player in live support. We’re not quite sure happened from here on but sources say that the team was disqualified for failing to produce a demo of the game, no player received a ban as of writing this. 

This was my first article for UKCSGO, if you fancy checking out any of the weekly cups do a quick search on www.faceit.com for “ukcsgo”.


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