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Wales and the Republic of Ireland begin their journey towards the IESF World Championships

Can the two British Isles teams make the main event in Romania?

by Dafydd

The IEFS World championships qualification groups get underway today as national teams play for the chance to compete at the main event in Romania. Two British Isles teams will be competing in the Western Europe qualification groups; Wales and the Republic of Ireland. In the last IESF event, which took place in Bali, Wales made it through to the play-in where they fell to Bulgaria and failed to qualify for the main event.

Wales are boasting a similar squad to the last event, with Javier “Ping” Griffiths making his return despite not travelling to Bali with the rest of the team for the IESF World Championship 2022 Play-In. The majority of the Welshmen will be easily recognisable to fans of UK CS with Emyr “eMy” Green, Morgan “m0g” Butler, and Javier “Ping” Griffiths all having played previous ESL Premierships and local UK LANS. They are joined by Welsh squad returners, Ryan “Trouzz” Trouse, Ryan “Walli” Walters, Kieran “kyzer” Thompson, Dan “stator” Curry (coach), and newcomer Ollie “0llie” Froud.

The Welsh squad might have experience on their side, but they have not been drawn into an easy group with Germany, who are fielding BIG Academy, and Belgium as their opponents.

Whilst Wales played the previous IEFS competition, Ireland are making their international debut and whilst the Welsh have names well-known in the UK scene, Ireland have brought RMR experience to the qualifiers. Viperio’s IGL and coach duo, Tom “arTisT” Clarke and Ciaran “biscu” King, will lead the way for Ireland alongside Seán “Atrox” Greene, Adam “AdamJC” Colwell, Conor “conoR” McCool, and William “Wiiam” O’Shea. Ireland have also listed Nathan “N8” Dowd as a substitute who will stand in for Atrox when he is not free.

Ireland are considered the stronger of the two British Isles sides and arguably they have the easier group. They will have to face Austria and Monaco to make it through the qualifiers.

Ireland’s first game will be today at 15:00 BST against Austria whilst Wales play Belgium later in the day at 18:00 BST.

Representing Wales is:

Emyr “eMy” Green
Javier “Ping” Griffiths
Morgan “m0g” Butler
Kieran “kyzer” Thompson
Ryan “Trouzz” Trouse

Ryan “Walli” Walters (substitute)
Ollie “0llie” Froud (substitute)
Dan “stator” Curry (coach)

Representing Ireland is:

Adam “AdamJC” Colwell
Tom “arTisT” Clarke
Seán “Atrox” Greene
William “Wiiam” O’Shea
Conor “conoR” McCool

Nathan “N8” Dowd (substitute)
Ciaran “biscu” King (Coach)



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