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WCC: Minor redemption as Britain end campaign

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Six days in to the World Cyber Arena’s tri-nation tournament between Russia, China and the United Kingdom, and the UK are firmly sat in the last position having been trumped by both of the opposing nations. That being said, days three and six, versus Russia and China respectively, played out better in the favour of British sides in comparison to the three days prior.

It is clear now that the UK will not be competing in the final nation showdown, in which the top two nations duke it out in order to bag as much of the prize as possible and show whom out of Russia and China are the dominant force. Much like in reality, the small pitiful island known as Britain did not stand much of a chance.

Day Four – UK vs Russia (2)

The fourth day kicked off with an all too familiar feeling, with CAZ eSports first up to face against the Russians for the second consecutive day. Taking on the two rosters heralding from the same organisation, CAZ faced off against both Quantum Bellator and Quantum Bellator Fire on dust2 and cache respectively. CAZ, having already lost to QBF rather convincingly on two maps the previous day, managed to put up a stronger opposition the third time around. However, the 16-12 lost seemed to take its toll on the team seeing them only take a single round in their second and final game of the day.

From this point, Britain managed to begin to show its first glimmers of success. Having being the most successful UK team in the first three days, in that they did not lose margins as large as their countrymen, the FM eSports team seemed to be the best shot that our island had of taking home a win in China. Not only did they manage to do so once, and in convincing fashion at that, but the FM eSports side took the win in both of their games on day 4, securing themselves some cold hard cash and bragging rights for their efforts. Though only amongst those from back home, of course. A 16 – 3 win over Quantum Bellator and a gripping overtime clash with 5FRAGS saw them top the table for the UK.

Endpoint were to be the team of the day to play just one game, also against the 5FRAGS side ahead of their loss against FM. Having already played and lost versus 5FRAGS just the previous day, the Endpoint side appeared to still be distressed from previous ongoings, hence seeing them crash out with just five rounds to their name.

Day four results:

FM eSports 22 – 19 5FRAGS (cache)

FM eSports 16 – 3 Quantum Bellator (cbble)

Endpoint 5 – 16 5FRAGS (mirage)

CAZ 1 – 16 Quantum Bellator Fire (cache)

CAZ 12 – 16 Quantum Bellator   (dust2)


Day Six – UK vs China (2)

The sixth, and as it transpires, final day for Team UK in China was not also without some minor success. The Endpoint side who, like CAZ eSports, were yet to win a map overseas. With two games up against New4, the side that beat them 16-6 on the first day of the event, things were not looking spectacular for Immi’s side. However, despite their string of defeats, they were able to turn one of the two games into a win on de_cache, resulting in them joining FM in the winning circle and taking home a little cash for the efforts.

Unfortunately for FM, the successes of their previous play day escaped them. The first match versus VG.CyberZen, a team that they had played on day one and secured rounds in the double figures, despatched of the mix team with relative ease. This time, only two rounds on the board for FM saw them suffer a similar fate to their countrymen. Despite a closer second game versus TyLoo on a map that saw overtime on day one, no more wins could be had by the FM side and hence they finish their campaign out in China with two wins and six losses.

CAZ eSports will be bringing home with them the figurative wooden spoon. The only team hailing from the UK failing to take any wins, with just a single game on the final day seeing a close yet unfulfilling score line leave them empty handed.

Day six results:

FM eSports 2 – 16 VG.CyberZen (train)

Endpoint 16 – 11 New4 (cache)

FM eSports 10 – 16 TyLoo (cbble)

CAZ 12 – 16 VG.CyberZen (dust2)

Endpoint 10 – 16 New4 (mirage)

That will conclude the skirmishes for the UK out in China, failing to qualify for the final head to head bout between the best two nations. There is likely a lot that can be learned from their overseas experiences, and no doubt it may be back to the drawing board for some of these line-ups.

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