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Communication and Rulebooks: The ESL Premiership Controversy
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insomnia63 : Final Standings
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Communication and Rulebooks: The ESL Premiership Controversy
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Communication and Rulebooks: The ESL Premiership Controversy
ReflexEU and Revelation qualify for ESL Premiership Finals
epic26: Final Standings
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June 9, 2018

epic24 groups standings

The epic24 group stages took place yesterday with LAN favorites Radix&Friends and ferarri peekers both topping their groups. CeX fell short though and only managed to claim 2nd place in their group after a close fight against KDR which ended at 16-12.

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June 8, 2018

epic24: The GOTVs

As epic24 is underway, we have managed to get the GOTVs from the admin team at Kettering Conference Centre.

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June 8, 2018

epic 24 kicks off in Kettering

We are back in Kettering for epic24, albeit a slightly smaller LAN than we are used to. Clashing with a handful of other events this weekend, epic24 has a slightly lower than expected turnout in both CSGO players and general attendees but that won’t stop an abundance of UK banter, drama and frag-fests taking place throughout the weekend.

22 CSGO teams made it to this event and will be taking part in the tournament which has a £2000 prize pool attached to it where first place will walk away with £1200 and free tickets to epic25.

The Seeds  TagSeed Radix&FriendsRadixF1 ferarri peekers RARI2 CeX CeX3 LondonLynxLYNX4 pocket [...]
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June 7, 2018

Insomnia63 to host UK Masters Open; £30k Prize Pot

With UK Masters handed control of the BYOC tournaments at Insomnia last event, it was always expected they’d return with big things for the Summer LAN of Insomnia 63. With many demanding changes from many, man LANs ago – they have finally listened and are offering a big change for the August Bank Holiday weekend event.

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