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PhoenixUK returns for one off special on Tuesday

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PhoenixUK the show that died, resurrected itself, then died again, is coming back for a special one off episode on Tuesday evening.

With epic.LAN around the corner, and much debating to be had in the scene, on Tuesday evening, for three full unadulterated hours, you wonderful people will be subject to the monotone voice of Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton, and a panel quickly whipped up in the last week or so. We will be covering, epic24 in great detail going over the various teams who could win the event, and the form guide of some of the teams at the event. There may end up being a few impromtu guests who want to share their thoughts on all the events elsewhere this weekend including ECS Season 5 Finals at Wembley, and Rocket League World Championships at the Copperbox Arena in London.


Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton (right) is hosting another PhoenixUK show once again (Credit: epicLAN Gallery)

Of course, we will be hearing from our panel, which is made up of some rather intriguing names within the scene, and we will also be covering Dota2 in greater detail, and will particularly centre around the recent Major from ESL in Birmingham and some of the thoughts of people who visited and saw it on Twitch over the course of the weekend.

The guests will be open to questions from the public, either through our dedicated hash tag on Twitter (#PhoenixUK) or on Twitch chat for the duration of the show. Our panel this week returns with Elliott “Sed” Brown who stems from Team uFrag and has a vast knowledge of the UK Esports landscape currently, having teams in both CS:GO & Dota.  We also have various familiar faces such as Jamie “SwitchBladeJay” Martin, Michael “Duck” Moriarty, Liam “DOOPZ” Whitehead and Declan “Murphy” Murphy so make sure you tune in to a cracker of a show.

The Panel

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton – Host & Content Director
Jamie “SwitchBladeJay” Martin – CS:GO & Rocket League Caster
Elliott “Sed” Brown – Content Producer for UK Esports
Michael “Duck” Moriarty – Journalist

Special Guests

Liam “DOOPZ” Whitehead – UKDota specialist
Declan “Murphy” Murphy – Mr UK Esports
& various other guests who may want to jump in at any point!!


Tuesday 5th June – 7pm – 10pm


  • epic24 – Who is Going this weekend? The form guide, the weaknesses of certain teams?
  • ECS Season 5 Finals – What is on offer this weekend, will it be a pre-emptive to the CS:GO Major that will hit our shores later this year?


  • ESL One Birmingham – Discussion on what this may well mean for Dota2 in the UK, as it showed that there were a lot of fans of Dota in the UK, which still hasn’t transpired into participation figures?
  • Can we see a big bump in future participation levels in UK events for Dota?
  • epic24 – Who is Going this weekend? The form guide of any of these teams?
  • Special chat with Doopz who is admining epic24 this weekend.


  • Rocket League World Championship Series – Will this see a big boost to UK esports, with our second Major event (of this scale) in the last few weeks? Will it help UK Rocket League get better?
  • Special features from Murphy & SwitchBladeJay

There may well be other subjects covered throughout the evening as we tend to divulge more information than we should, and we also talk a lot of esports throughout the evening, so it is always worth having us on in the background.

You can tune into PhoenixUK on later tonight on the epic.LAN Twitch Stream, don’t forget to get involved too through Twitch chat and through the hashtag #PhoenixUK on Twitter. If you do miss the show, you can re-watch on the epic.LAN YouTube Channel. Some parts maybe used during the epic24 Streams through the course of the weekend.

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