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7AM invest in UK Counter-Strike

SPADE find themselves a new home.

by GrimyRannarr

Oscar “LVN” Levin’s and Luke “Emperor” Ingram’s project is the newest addition to salaried teams in the UK Counter-Strike scene.

SPADE’s roster is currently playing in ESEA Advanced, sitting at a record of 1-1 and regionally they have qualified for the Beyond Invitational that is starting this weekend which is a great way to show off their new roster on HLTV. Moreover, they haven’t been 100% successful on recent regional outings as they failed to qualify for the SteelSeries Nova Cup UK and Ireland Fall 2022 which awards the only UK and Ireland spot to the Blast Premier Qualifier. Furthermore, as they are a new roster they will have to go through the qualifiers to play in ESL Premiership later this year, unless they get given a spot due to some of the teams from last season no longer being active.

For 7AM, they are an organisation that have been operating in the Benelux for the last three-and-a-half years and this team will be their first reach into the UK esports market. The CEO John Smith-Howell spoke to UKCSGO about how he was based in the UK and has been playing Counter-Strike since 1999.

7AM have brought the entire team to the UK for a media weekend and will also be investing into a LAN centre. This is going to set another good principle for content creation which will be a good example for other teams to follow.

This is a really exciting and interesting development for the UKCS:GO scene. We are seeing another level of professionalism being brought in from an outside perspective, setting a good standard for which we can hope that other teams can follow.

The new SPADE roster does have a lot to prove, this international side is very young and will only improve in an upwards trajectory with the experience of their coach EMPEROR by their side guiding them along the journey. This roster are similar to Into The Breach fielding two Swedish players, Herman “1Knas” Hattevig and William “zyyx” Ludvigsson, who are both very young.

UKCSGO was able to talk to EMPEROR about joining 7AM:

Joining 7AM has been long in the works, several months in fact; so to get it out there finally is so satisfying for everyone. To get them on board with such a young team is imperative for the teams development too. A lot of people will overlook the age of this team, aside from one WePlay team we would be younger than all the others. 7AM have been professional from the start, with having just finished a weekend of content that we can release over time and even bigger news to follow the actions will speak louder than words with how committed they are to this team and we can only do our best to repay that.

We were also able to catch up with LVN:

We are really thankful to 7AM for giving us such a great opportunity and support for a new developing roster and excited for the months to come. Furthermore a new organisation entering UKCS shows a great future ahead for other teams to keep grinding.

With 7AM being a new organisation joining the UKCS:GO sphere it just shows that UKCS has a greater future ahead of it then some people would like to say, and this roster is ready to turn some heads with this new support.

With this signing, 7AM are now:
Oscar “LVN” Levin
Mason “Vacancy” Haines
Herman “1Knas” Hattevig
Zy “yz0” Esponilla
William “zyyx” Sjögren
Luke “Emperor” Ingram (coach)

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