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Day three ends, the Final is set

Temperate succeed in the lower bracket run.

by GrimyRannarr

Today commenced the day of HLTV and everyone was vying for a top four spot.

The day started the night before with Temperate playing their matchup against OldMEN so they didn’t have to start the day at 11am like the rest of the teams. Temperate secured the win, getting one step closer in their lower bracket run which also gave them the opportunity to take revenge on ONE HAG. Therefore, we only saw one game being played at 11am. Ocelot, the international side, faced up against the local boys, Horus esports. Ocelot were able to pull forward to challenge the mix of 1freddie.

Only one game away from making the elusive HLTV stage, meaning two teams would not find that glory today. 1freddie took revenge on Ocelot for Horus esports and vanquished them decisively in a 2-0 victory, granting Earl “Earl” Stephenson, Oscar “Azuwu” and Connor “Connz1” Wardle another top four placement in back to back LANs. Temperate were up next, looking to find revenge for themselves against ONE HAG, and this time, they did not quiver. Once again similar, to the core of 1freddie, finding a back to back top four finish.

Over on the upper bracket, the two titans of EKO and Leicester 5 clashed heads, even with there heroics of JackB granting the team match point on Nuke, they were unable to slay the giants of EKO and specifically Callum “Girafffe” Jones, who flexed his true fragging potential, especially on Nuke going 41-18 in the overtime victory. With that we saw our first grand finalists who will be playing on the big stage tomorrow in front of the crowd.

Moving forward then to the the top four, the final strides in the tournament, Temperate were looking to go further than they had at EPIC.LAN 36, and this time they found their stride complimented by an unreal comeback from being 4-14 down on their map pick of Nuke, to then win 22-20 in double overtime. Temperate were consistently taking control away from 1freddie on Inferno, especially on the B side of the map. Reegan “ReegaN” Ward finally found his footing, and looks to be becoming more dangerous every game which was evident on Nuke where he was one of the main components for the comeback, posting a 1.23 HLTV rating.

Entering top three with the top three seeded teams was looking spicy, good Counter-Strike was the only thing on our mind going into the late fixture between Temperate and Leicester 5, but the strong unified squad decked in purple barley batted an eyelid against the higher seeded team, and even pulled out their trump card of Vertigo which surprised everyone. ReegaN, yet again found his form, doing even better than before with Now a 1.53 HLTV rating, and almost a 2 KD across the series.

This has set up a banger grand final, the two real teams at this event, will be plunged into a BO5 grand final where EKO will have a map advantage as they are coming from the upper bracket.

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