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aiM on being coached by NaToSaphiX: “It’s not often you get a chance to work with a player who’s played at the top”

The Dane comes in to replace ToH1o after departing in November.

by GrimyRannarr

As mentioned numerous times on UKCSGO, our only representation in ESL Impact is Mia “aiM” Cooper. As she enters her second season with NIP Impact, the team gets bolstered by an unexpected coach.

ESL Impact set to begin; aiM sole UK representative

Niels “NaToSaphiX” Christian Sillassen recently retired after a long playing career. He played with teams such as HEROIC, Complexity and even won cs_summit 5 while standing in for MOUZ. However, the Dane announced his retirement at the end of last year, stating that he has “set his sights on content creation” in an interview with HLTV.

With content creation, all of my interactions with other people are positive, be that in my Twitch chat, my YouTube comments, or when playing with other streamers. There are very few dull moments and almost never any bad vibes, which is a stark contrast to competing in CS, where emotions are amplified by the competitive nature.

Source: HLTV

Since retiring and even this year he has been very active on YouTube posting quite regularly, but that might all change now. NaToSaphiX announces today that he will be joining NIP Impact.

This will be the first time that he will be coaching a team, but he is still confident as he said in a YouTube video posted on his channel:

During the trial, I was very surprised by their skill level, professionalism and willingness to listen and learn. I am absolutely positive that my tactical abilities as a coach and my fun persona will help propel these talented young women to the top eventually

NIP Impact enter this season with a new AWP and IGL as Anna “ramziiN” Ramsing replaces Mayline-Joy “ASTRA” Champliaud. The team narrowly missed out on the third match decider as they lost to BIG EQUIPA 2-1, but now with their changes and strong coach, this could be the season that changes their fortunes.

aiM on joining NIP Impact: “I am playing totally different positions, no roles are the same.”

UKCSGO also spoke to aiM about working with NaToSaphiX:

His CS knowledge and actual player experience has really elevated our game. It’s not often you get a chance to work with a player who’s played at the top and now that he’s our coach the insight and feedback that we get is definitely invaluable.

NIP Impact will play their first game of the season today, taking on the #1 team ‘Pigeons’ (ex-Nigma Galaxy) at 18:30 GMT. You can watch it live: https://www.twitch.tv/eslcs_gg

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