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Meffew’s EPIC.LAN 41 high & lowlights LIVE!

Meffew returns for his 10th episode in the series.

by GrimyRannarr

As EPIC.LAN 41 fades from people’s memory everyone’s favourite part of LAN arrives… the Matthew “Meffew” Godsell high & lowlights! (Disclaimer: he used to work for UKCSGO)

Fans have been waiting on the edge of their seat, every night checking in to see if the video has gone live. Some, such as Bin Leaning’s Ben “PeNguiN” Beckley, have posted for 11 days asking Meffew to post the video:

Every UK CS fan can agree that these videos are honestly amazing. The amount of effort that he puts into these cannot be understated. These videos let everyone relive the LANs over and over again. We can speak on behalf of everyone as we say thank you!

Check out the over 15-minute video:

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