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Arctic Raptors bench wfn and lose Atrox

Three months after making Advanced, the Raptors are making changes again.

by Tom Coles

Arctic Raptors are down to three players after parting ways with Sean “AtroxGreene and benching Will “wfn” Maskrey. The organisation announced the news in a statement on Monday, saying Atrox had left the organisation by mutual agreement, and that “as a result of [Atrox’s] departure” the organisation decided to bench AWPer wfn. The changes for EPIC.38’s third-placed finishers follow a disappointing season in ESEA Advanced that saw them relegated back to Main.

A surprise package in 2022, the roster led by Danish IGL Rasmus “zodi” Frolich formed under XRAVEL before moving to Arctic Raptors last November. Under their new organisation they made the play-offs of ESL Premiership Autumn 2022, losing in the quarter-finals to eventual champions Endpoint, and made a remarkable 12-2 run in ESEA Main, earning a promotion to Advanced for ESEA Season 44. The step up in 2023 has been a step too far for the young roster, and despite a win over RMR-bound UK side Viperio, they were unable to achieve the sixth win needed to keep their spot in the division.

The organisation have confirmed they are “exploring several possible changes” to the line-up. Rumours have linked Arctic Raptors with John “Dutchy” Holland following his exit from Royals. Though those remain unconfirmed at this stage, Dutchy was part of the mix team under the Arctic Raptors name that won the Insomnia70 open qualifier last weekend, alongside coach Daniel “papp” Hart and Viperio’s Marco “MMS” Salomone. It should be noted that according to papp‘s Twitter they are only seeking one player – an AWP. 

Arctic Raptors will need to fill out their roster before the UKIC CeX Spring Invitational Closed Qualifier later this month, the only tournament currently in their calendar.

After this move Arctic Raptors are currently:

Mohamad ‘Ducky‘ Nourelden
Euan “synergii” Wilson
Rasmus “zodi” Frolich

Daniel “papp” Hart (coach)

Will “wfn Maskrey (benched)

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