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REPORT: Royals consider three players to fill the Dutchy void

The in-form team is looking for a permanent fifth and has three players in their sights.

by Dafydd

Royals have kicked off 2023 with a successful run in ESEA Main where they ended the regular season 12-2, but despite their dominance, John “Dutchy” Holland decided the leave the roster to pursue other opportunities. Whilst Royals are finishing off the season with former member Kamyar “shateri” Shateri, sources close to the team have revealed to UKCSGO that they will be trialling two players and have their eyes on a third to potentially fill the spot in the long-term.

shateri, Seán “AtroxGreene, and Reegan “ReegaN” Ward are currently all in consideration for a place on the Royals roster with no decisions being made on who will join the team permanently. As mentioned, shateri is already playing with the team whilst Atrox is likely to trial with the team for the CeX Invitational. All three players are currently free agents with only ReegaN playing for another team, standing in for the orgless roster known as dripmen.

According to sources outside of the team, Atrox is the front runner to become Royals’ newest player. The Irish rifler, who recently parted ways with Arctic Raptors, had the highest statistical rating of his team at EPIC38 alongside a 91.74 ADR for the event* where the team finished in third place.

The other name that has been mentioned in regards to the team is Javier “Ping” Griffiths, however he is still under contract with Viperio. Royals will see out the rest of the ESEA Main Playoffs with shateri on the roster and only after the season will they make a decision on their new addition.

UKCSGO reached out to Royals, but they refused to give an official comment.

Until the end of ESEA Season 44, Royals are:

Kyle “swaggy” Wilson
Edgaras “entz” Luksas
Timothy “tvs” Sjöberg
Xavér “xavi” Hebők
Kamyar “shateri” Shateri (stand-in)

Andreas “addi” Wallenberg (Coach)

*All stats are according to Finn “Mischief“.

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