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Bringing you live content from i69

Everything you need to know about Insomnia 69.

by GrimyRannarr

LAN weekend is upon us, people have travelled from all over the country and abroad to make their way to the NEC in Birmingham for a weekend full of Counter-Strike.

Games will be commencing today at mid day where the favourites such as EKO and Temperate, will be looking to kick off their tournament with a bang. The 21 teams that are competing this weekend will be playing in a Swiss format today, and then will progress to playoffs where it will be double elimination leading to Monday, whereby the winner will be crowned on the big stage.

You can find the bracket here.

There are two actual teams competing here, EKO and Temperate. Both these teams should be aiming to wade through the sea of mixes, similar to BLVHVND at EPIC.LAN 36, this is their tournament to lose. Mixes like Leicester 5 boasts LAN winner Jack “JackB” Burton, and 1freddie who have the young super star Oscar “Azuwu” Bell, should end up being serious trouble and could be a contender to win the event.

As is becoming tradition at this stage, The BINMEN sauntered into the arena this morning with their new kitted out jerseys, but unlike some of their past appearances, this is not all just messing around for them. All five of their players will be streaming the whole event and all proceeds shall be going straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital which gives treatment to Seriously Ill Children. This is an amazing initiative and make sure to go check them out during this weekend here.

Something that we covered for EPIC.LAN 36, is that Into The Breach, a UK based org are sponsoring Summer “winteriio” Iola Thompson for this event, and the sponsorship for Shuaib “Shoobie” Saddique is being carried over from EPIC.LAN 36 to this event. This sponsorship includes fully paying for their BYOC ticket, a XTRFY K4 TKL RGB Keyboard and a XTRFY M4 RGB Wireless Mouse.

If you want to tune into POV streams for the weekend:

JAUSTERE_ – Leicester 5

Rhys – Leicester 5

besxr – ONE HAG

Dweg – The BINMEN

Godkuuuu – Horus esports

meffewcs – 1freddie

EarliGE – 1freddie


Azuwu – 1freddie

Shinigami – Ocelot

Artist – EKO

Gizmy – EKO

UKCSGO.com will be covering this event across the weekend, make sure to stay tuned in for all the Counter-Strike action that will be taking place.

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