CeX announce roster changes, resu moves to coach

by Michael MoriartyAugust 6, 2017

After being the long-term staple of the CeX roster, it’s been announced that Andrew “resu” Robson has stepped back from their playing roster. Robson shall be moving into the coaching role, previously occupied by Ryan “Flakes” Oliver and replacing him on the playing roster shall be Zaki “Danceyz” Dance, who’s recently been seen standing in for the squad at 4TG in Aberdeen and on various online leagues.

Danceyz has been without a solid team since being a part of the RADIX line-up that finished fourth at Insomnia i60 in April, as well as being one of the reigning epic.LAN champions after winning epic.21. Dance brings in some more firepower to the CeX line-up that’s been slowly improving recently, as the organisation attempts to bring them back to the heights they saw when they originally came into the UK Scene.

The team finished in second place in the UK Masters league, with 4 wins and 2 draws, qualifying them for the play-offs. In the ESL Premiership, CeX are currently topping the table with a 100% win record after three games. They’re also currently competing in ESEA Main, where they finished the season 33rd with a 10-6 record. The were also recently in attendance at the 4TG event in Aberdeen, where Danceyz was standing in for the Swede hemzk. CeX won the tournament up in Scotland, as well as coming third in the Overwatch competition, somehow.

The full line-up is now:

Liam “LiamjS” Scotter
Sam “Astroo” Gresham
Jonas “hemzk” Rantamäki
Travis “L1NK” Mendoza
Zaki “Danceyz” Dance

Andrew “resu” Robson (coach)

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