uFlux Acquires CS:GO Team!

by uFluxAugust 8, 2017

The following news was submitted to us by Joshua Pike through our “submit news” feature.

Many people may not of heard of uFlux, however, they have been around for 7 months in titles such as Rocket League. After expanding to SMASH, and seeing a few podium finishes within each of those titles, they have now signaled a move into the UK CS:GO scene.

The organisation have signed contracts with some intriguing players within the scene, one of which has a slightly dubious past. The players though, have proved themselves individually and shown their talent at various UK LAN events in the past. Whilst the team is relatively unknown with the bulk of the scene, they are on the brink of winning UK Minors Season 3. Some of their players have got out of groups with various mixes at previous insomnia events, with one player, Aidan “y0” Holloway, winning insomnia60 Intermediate Tournament.

The team is relatively new, however they have been unfortunate around timings to get into leagues such as UK Masters and ESL Premiership and look to be going into the next seasons of those competitions in the coming months.


Cameron “CameroNy” Lindley (Second left) played with Viperio back at insomnia58.

The Managing Director of uFlux, Joshua Pike had to say about the acquisition:

With our current sponsors, partners and staff at uFlux, we believe that taking on this venture and developing a team from the ground up is a challenge we will be able to overcome with ease, as we have years of experience and the relevant funding to take us places.

We’re really excited about showing up and competing against other teams at future LAN events and online tournaments and can’t wait to get stuck in, as our players are already training vigorously to better themselves in their ability to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a premier level. With the assistance of some hired out world class coaches, hard work and dedication, without a doubt we will be contending for top placements in just a short matter of time.

The line-up for the uFlux Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster is as follows:

Adam “ADZY” McLaughlin
Aidan “y0” Holloway
Connor “Demized” Worrall
Cameron “CameroNy” Lindley
Connor “Cayfyy” Finan

For those who wish to follow their team, you can follow their Twitter account directly. The team will be seen in action firstly at epic22 in October later this year, however some of the players will be at insomnia61 this month in a few mix teams. They will be participating in online leagues such as ESEA, and of course looking at future seasons of UK Masters and ESL Premiership.

If you have any team news that you wish UKCSGO to cover, then please use our submit news feature (found at the top of this news post) and we will review accordingly and publish when we can. Make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO for all the latest updates around the UK CS:GO Scene.

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