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y0 kicked from uFlux after evidence of cheating

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Less than a week after we posted the news post we received of the new team uFlux, news came in that player Aidan “y0” Holloway had been kicked from the team after accusations and evidence of cheating came to light. The uFlux twitter account also tweeted the following:


The player is still actively denying these cheating claims and refuses to accept the evidence of his cheating despite multiple bans on his name under different accounts on FACEIT and even on STEAM it’s self.

Though not all the aim can be pointed at y0, His team mates Adam “ADZY” McLaughlin and Connor “Demized Worrall have shady pasts. Both of them have previous bans on ESEA for allegedly using a type of cheat called a “skin changer” in a PUG. Whether they used any other form of cheat is unknown, but we do know it lead to 1 year cheating bans on the ESEA platform. Both have since made new ESEA accounts and steam accounts in an effort to wipe their records clean.

Demized also released this twitlonger about the situation with the team:


A decision is also being made by Epic.LAN in regards to whether y0 should be banned from future Epic events.

We’ve also come into possession of a chat log between y0 and a friend of his where he admits to attempting to cheat at lan but failing because he didn’t have time to load cheats onto a USB drive.

You can read this chat log here: https://pastebin.com/XgATMebm (names deleted to protect privacy)

regulator.y0: and then he just u know
regulator.y0: was a cheater
regulator.y0: dank meme
: you used them on main?
regulator.y0: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/d1no
: thats a yeah then
regulator.y0: it is
: so how long till VAC lel
regulator.y0: vac
regulator.y0: dont make me fucking laugh
: xD
: you still cheating on this account then?
regulator.y0: hehehe

One of the few videos that came out which show Aidan being very suspicious in official matches can be found HERE

While we have nothing else to really say on the matter, we would love to hear your opinion pieces through our submit news button. If it’s good and interesting enough we’ll publish it on the site.

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