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CYPHER: “You just run at TIMMO every round and you win.”

With the final on the horizon, CYPHER talked to UKCSGO about his career and facing BLVKHVND.

by Dafydd

emps kids stomped their way through EPIC36 and made their way into the final game, whilst they waited for BLVKHVND to finish off Temperate to make the lower-bracket final, UKCSGO was able to catch up to Cai “CYPHER” Watson. The young Into the Breach star spoke about why he attended the LAN, playing under EMPEROR and expectations for the final.

What made you come to this LAN?

Honestly Yoshwa, it’s his last LAN since he is retiring soon because he has a new job. So that’s why he left ex-TLR as well. Mostly for him, just doing him a favour since I’ve known him for years and I’d said I’d go with him.

Did you expect this level of success?

Yeah, I expected BLVKHVND to put up a fight, to take a map off us or something at least. But other than that, yeah I expected it really.

What’s it been like playing under EMPEROR?

I played under EMP for about two years, before  I was in ex-teams like Into the Breach and I played under him for about a year in CeX. He is was always fun, and I call him my esports Dad.

How different is it compared to him and Juve?

Juve is a lot more anti-stratting, but this is just us running around and he mainly tells us to chill. Obviously right now JackB and Rory (cryths) just hold W everywhere, so he tells them to relax a bit.

Talking about Juve and Into the Breach, how is it having the experience of Thomas and Smooya on the team?

Honestly, when they first joined the team they brought so much experience with them, even whilst I’m playing with a mix like right now. With Owen (Smooya) the amount of minor stuff he told me was impressive, like he gives little information pieces like if a certain team is doing this, then I know what they’re doing now. I’m able to read the game a lot easier now because of them.

Would you say you’re a better player now because of them?

Oh yeah for sure. Without a doubt, they have helped me improve for sure.

When Thomas joined the team he took a lot of roles that were usually yours, now with him leaving will you be going back into those roles and that space?

When he first joined the team, they said I can still do whatever I like, but I lacked the confidence to do it. Thomas didn’t restrict me to do it, it was just that I was playing with bigger names and there were more eyes and I lacked the confidence to do whatever I want. But now I’ve kind of gotten used to that, because Thomas said some words of encouragement. So now I am more confident. Like we had practice a few days ago and I was farming, actually enjoying CSGO again you know?

The core of ITB have been together a while now, how far do you think that core can go?

I think me, Adam9130 and Dobbo can go quite far. Obviously Adam is still a really good IGL, he does get tilt and everything but who doesn’t you know, especially when you’re playing with me and Dobbo, two idiots at times. With Dobbo as well, when he is feeling it, you just know he is going to get kills whenever he can. When he is feeling it and in a clutch you automatically know he is going to win it. Like it’s insane. I don’t think I’ve played with a person with that much faith in him winning a 1v2 or 1v1.

In terms of Adam, how much would you say he has influenced your career?

Oh insane. If it wasn’t for him giving me a chance, I would still be playing like in Main. He gave me a chance and yeah. I would say all my success now is because of Adam. The whole time I have learnt so much from him.

Is it Premier or bust with you guys next season due to the pressure?

I wouldn’t say Bust, obviously premier is really good to have but I’d say we are just aiming to be the best, like top 40 HLTV which I think we can get with this team. Top 40/top 30 is the aim and then just see from there you know. See how games play and then go from there.

Is there any other UK team that can challenge you? Not including Endpoint.

Nah. With our new team, no other team is touching us. Like this LAN has proved to me, and not in a flame way, but its proved to me how dead the scene is. If were going to LAN with JackB on 10 hours past two weeks and me not knowing how to call, I mean I can barely think for myself at times and running into teams like BLVKHVND and that just proves that no other team can contest us.

There were reports of JamieG to OG academy, you were also in the final ten for that roster. How do you see the trajectory of your career going in the next five years?

Honestly I cannot tell, it just depends on how well I’m playing. I’m a person who gets in my own head a lot, so if I play badly it kind of affects how I play as well. So depending on if I can fix that, then I think I am going to be on an upwards spiral. It all runs back to this thing of if we play good then I am going to play really good. How it was before Smooya and Thomas, I am going to be farming.

Who are you hoping to play in the final?

Honestly, anyone. I’m not really scared of anyone. The only thing that is going to be a bit iffy is BLVKHVND because of their map pool, but other than that, they are so readable and easy to play against. You just run at TIMMO every round and you win.

If you could take any of your current team mates from here and bring them onto Into the Breach who would it be?

If Jack was more experienced and had more game sense I’d put him as an AWPer, I feel like he could perform and be at a decent level.

If you could bring on EMPEROR, even as an assistant or secondary coaching role would you do it?

Yea EMPEROR is good, I think he would be good in analytical work.

Finally, is it going to be a 2-0 in the final?

Ohh, a bit of a dangerous one, but I’d like to think so. Like I said, BLVKHVND’s map pool is a bit aids but I think so.

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