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Coalesce release roster

The UK-based organisation has decided to drop the Swedish-majority roster after a string of unimpressive results.

by Sampied

As the player break approaches ever closer, some organisations have decided to go on vacation early. Joining the group, Coalesce have decided to pull the plug on their Swedish majority roster after just 4 months. Although the announcement came out of the blue, the lack of good results put together by the roster with names such as Jack “⁠Jackinho⁠” Ström Mattsson and Luka “⁠emi⁠” Vukovićon on board, it would not be wrong to say that this decision was soon coming.

Regarding the organisation’s presence in CS:GO the statement does indicate that it isn’t shying away from the game and will soon be announcing further updates regarding their next move.

Coalesce have been one of the most anticipated up and coming esports organisations based in the UK, coming into existence as a merger of six smaller orgs who decided to put their resources together in hope of reaching a higher level of competition and dominating the UK Counter-Strike scene. Starting with a UK based roster they later decided to sign a new Swedish-majority lineup in hopes of producing better results and meeting the expectations of the organisation, which was not to be.

Although there’s no information about the next steps the organisation will be taking, the introduction of the new Coalesce Esports Centre, located in the UK does indicate that the organisation may be going back to their roots once more in search of greener pastures.

In their recent tweet announcing their esports facility, they stated: “To show our support to teams throughout the UK, we will be offering several opportunities to use our entire facility free of charge for up to 7 days at a time.” This shows the organisation’s steadfast commitment to their domestic scene further cementing the possibility of a UK based roster. However, only time will tell if it turns out to be true.

UKCSGO reached out to Sam “Kanny” Hollinrake for a comment:

The decision to release the CSGO team came wasn’t the easiest decision. It came a long with the exit of our sponsor Shibnobi who had decided it was time to exit the Esports scene for the time being. The bottom line is that the results weren’t good enough, we entered into the European scene with the hopes of making a splash with established names in the scene which in effect would increase our chances of generating further income from new sponsors and prize income. This of course wasn’t the case, it was a big gamble for us and I took on that responsibility with the backing of the rest of our board.


To put it simply I got this one wrong, and I made mistakes, but importantly I learnt a lot. I never present myself to be perfect nor Coalesce as everyone makes errors and this time that’s what we did. This doesn’t mean I regret the decision as like I said we have learnt so much. That being said, all of the players are incredibly talented and hard working, it just didn’t work as a team and things didn’t click. The individuals I still believe all have the ability to operate at a top level.


In terms of our next steps, we’ll likely reset for a while and scope the market, we have our eyes on a potential UK return with the office space being opened next month it makes sense. I think it’s clear for now the UK scene is where we belong in regards to Counter Strike but it all depends on what teams are available. There is a perception a few people have that we don’t support the UK scene or that we were committed to being a UK only Esports brand. This just isn’t logical from a business stand point, we’ll always have our roots in UK Esports but as we have seen from other UK organisations sometimes you have to search further a field to find the next step.


We look forward to being back at Insomnia and EPIC.LAN soon and seeing everybody. A quick thank you to all those who support us.

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