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Endpoint bench CRUC1AL

After a pro league run that saw them 2-0 NAVI, Endpoint have opted to bench their AWPer.

by arnie

After two and a half years, Endpoint’s core is having a shake-up with Joey “CRUC1AL”  Steusel finding himself on the bench. The Dutch AWPer had been with the team since the former Phoenix team were picked up by the org in 2020.

After the team was picked up in 2020 an unprecedented run of success followed, with the squad being the first UK majority team to attend a tier one event since EZskins.com played at DH London 2015. Endpoint’s appearance at DH Anaheim 2020 would be the first step towards breaking new ground for UKCS. With the (now EU mix) roster moving into the HLTV top 30, whilst playing with Robin “robiin” Sjögren and, Shahar “flameZ” Shushan.

Thomas “Thomas” Utting and William “Mezii” Merriman would join the team briefly in 2021 and thus Endpoint became the first UK majority side ever to be in the HLTV’s top 30. Towards the end of 2021 both Thomas and mezii left and the squad reverted back to being an EU mix. They continued to post good results and qualified for ESL’s prestigious Pro League for a second time for Season 16 (the first being Season 13).

Despite this success it has felt that the team has struggled with a lack of firepower in recent times, particularly after losing Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas earlier this year. CRUC1AL in particular has had indifferent form over this period, posting negative ratings in big events such as Pro League (0.86 rating) and the PGL Antwerp RMR qualifier.

The AWPers stats show that he has a significant drop-off when facing top 20 opposition and as Endpoint look to establish themselves in the top 30 this could give some insight into the reasoning behind the switch. Endpoint’s failure to qualify for the RMR in Malta through the open qualifiers, with a loss in the forth qualifier to mix ‘YoloGang420’ there was a call for changes.

Coming into replace CRUC1AL, on a trial basis, will be MOUZ NXT’s former AWPer Miłosz “mhL” Knasiak. The 20 year-old polish star currently boasts a 1.17 HLTV rating and 1.1, 1.0 and 1.05 ratings against top 5,10 and 20 opponents (granted in a small sample size). The team are set to debut this new look side in the second Dreamhack Rotterdam Qualifier this weekend.

No doubt UK fans will hope this change reinvigorates the number one team in the country and helps them continue to stamp a claim in the top 30 of the world.

With this move Endpoints currently line-up is:
Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath
Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjaerbye
Kia “Surreal” Man
Guy “Nertz” Iluz
Miłosz “mhL” Knasiak (Trial)
Allan “Rejin” Petersen (Coach)


Image Credits: PGL

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