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Endpoint qualify for LAN finals in Turkey

Verdant bow to Endpoint in the Intel Tulpars Reloaded Finals.

by GrimyRannarr

After six open qualifiers and a final regional closed qualifier, Endpoint claimed the ticket to Turkey for the Tulpars Reloaded Finals.

If we look back at the open qualifiers, within those six that were hosted, the likes of Ex-Raptors, Ex-Coalesce and Verdant qualified, the top teams in our region. However, throughout all of these qualifiers, there was an extreme lacklustre reaction from the UK scene. None of the qualifiers had more than 9 teams sign up, and for the fourth qualifier that happened at the same time as EPIC.LAN, there was one signup. In response to this, they cancelled that qualifier and for the fifth qualifier, there were two spots up for grabs.

This poor turnout in open qualifiers has been a common occurrence in the UK for some time now, and TOs have reached out through the BCSA in an effort to drive more signups. If there is no resolve, then TOs will simply just not hold UK qualifiers.

Leading into the UK regional final, the winner gets one of four spots in the finals in Turkey, and also $750 alongside Monster Pusat Equipment. Joining the six teams that qualified, both Endpoint and the new The Last Resort roster (then playing under K10) were invited.

With every game being a 2-0 apart from Invictum snatching a map away from Ex-Raptors, the regional finals were cleaned up by the favourites. Endpoint lost to Verdant in the first ESL Premiership Closed Qualifier the last time the two sides met, but here they were dominant, winning both maps by a 13-4 scoreline to emerge victorious.

Endpoint will be joining BIG Academy from the German qualifiers, TNT from the Turkish qualifiers and Divine Vendetta from MENA in Istanbul on the 15th-16th of December. There is some controversy surrounding TNT’s participation as after they qualified one of their players, cuizera, was banned on FACEIT for cheating. However, they are qualified till further notice as of now.


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