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Endpoint and Wind and Rain gain promotion to next ESL Premiership season

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Last night the Spring 2019 Relegation tournament for the ESL Premiership concluded, and saw the final two spots for the next ESL Premiership season filled. If you missed the first day recap, you can find it here.

Upper Bracket Final

This was the first game of the tournament, and saw the two relegated ESL Premiership teams face off for the first place in next season’s competition.

Endpoint 2-1 CeX
Nuke 16-13 | Inferno 17-19 | Train 16-12

Lower Bracket Round Two

This game would see who would face the losing team of the Upper Bracket Final, CeX, for the next ESL Premiership place.

Wind and Rain 2-0 Dark Spawn
Overpass 16-12 | Mirage 16-12

Lower Bracket Final

The winner of this game would join Endpoint as the final ESL Premiership team for next season.

CeX 0-2 Wind and Rain
Dust2 6-16 | Inferno 5-16

The final result meant that CeX became the only team to be relegated to the ESL Premiership Division 2, with Wind and Rain being promoted in their place. This means the team list for the Summer 2019 ESL Premiership season is as follows:

The Pensioners Fierce Esports Reflex.EU Revelation Gaming
LFAUG London Esports Endpoint Wind and Rain

UKCSGO.com is aware that the next season is scheduled to start at some point around the end of this month or the start of next. An official starting date is yet to be confirmed. Registration for next season’s ESL Prem. Division 2 is open now, and is set to close on ESEA next Monday at 8AM BST. The second division is the only way of gaining promotion to the ESL UK-held national tournament.

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