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ESL Premiership Spring 2019: Relegation Day One

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The first day of the ESL Premiership’s relegation tournament for the Spring 2019 season concluded last night, and there are four teams still in contention to head to the Summer season of the ESL Premiership.

Due to the lack of public brackets for the tournament, one of our writers, Dan Harper, has created one of his own that you can follow here. Coverage on the relegation tournament has been lacking, with nothing available from ESL UK. However, back in March ESEA published a post explaining the team breakdown for the relegation tournament, which we figured out and placed at the bottom of our finals casting preview. For those that missed it, the teams, and seeding, in the tournament are as follows:

Team Placing
Endpoint ESL Premiership 7th-8th
CeX ESL Premiership 7th-8th
Wind and Rain ESL Premiership D2 1st
Exillium ESL Premiership D2 2nd
Dark Spawn ESL Premiership D2 3rd-4th
Demise ESL Premiership D2 3rd-4th

All of the matches below have links to the statistics pages on ESEA, where the games were played.

Round One

The first round of the qualifier saw the four ESL Premiership Division 2 teams face off against each other. The matches resolved as follows:

Exillium 1-2 Dark Spawn
Mirage 11-16 | Train 16-5 | Overpass 19-15

Wind and Rain 2-1 Demise
Nuke 8-16 | Mirage 16-12 | Dust2 16-7

Upper Bracket Semi Finals

The second round (i.e. the Semi Finals) was where the ESL Premiership teams entered the competition. Endpoint have been playing with Neil “neilzinho” Finlay after Thomas “Thomas” Utting left the team last week. The matches played are as follows.

CeX 2-1 Dark Spawn
Nuke 16-8 | Cache 10-16 | Dust 16-13

Endpoint 2-1 Wind and Rain
Mirage 11-16 | Nuke 16-9 | Train 16-11

Lower Bracket Round One

The first lower bracket round was played between the teams that lost both of the upper bracket rounds. The matches were as follows:

Exillium 1-2 Wind and Rain
Train 16-11 | Mirage 11-16 | Inferno 1-16 

Demise 0-2 Dark Spawn
Mirage 6-16 | Cache 12-16

This leaves tonight’s matches as follows:

Upper Bracket Final: CeX -vs- Team Endpoint (3pm)

Lower Bracket Round Two: Wind and Rain -vs- Dark Spawn (3pm)

Lower Bracket Final: Loser UB Final -vs- Winner LB R2 (6pm)

The winner of the Upper Bracket Final between CeX and Team Endpoint will be the first team to confirm their place in the ESL Premiership Summer 2019 season. At time of publication, it is unclear if there will be streams available for any of the games. However, keep an eye on the UKCSGO.com Twitter for all updates.

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