epic.17: Barrage beat Infused.MIX in Grand Final

by Michael MoriartyFebruary 21, 2016

The game is done and we’re finished here in Kettering for another three months or so. The Grand Final was set with a a one map advantage for the Barrage side, as they had managed to push through the entire upper bracket without dropping a map (nor did they drop more than 9 rounds). Infused on the other hand had to push through the lower bracket dropping to Barrage in the Upper Bracket Final, then beating uFrag 2-0 in the Lower Bracket Final in the wee hours of the morning.

The first map of the grand final was Cache, which was the pick by Infused so it was set to be a good exciting match as there would be two teams set to make amends except… Barrage didn’t stop taking rounds. Round after round after round it was going to the boys in blue and there was no real sense of it being stopped until the 10th round, which was when they finally stopped them, but not for long. After a couple more round wins it was the half, going in at 12-3. Barrage picked up the pistol and then just continued the relentless barrage of round wins, until right at match point when Infused just picked up a few rounds in a row, before Barrage bought up and rolled them over. At this point it was 2-0 in the grand final for Barrage, with Infused not looking like they’d be getting anything back too soon.

barrage at grand final

Barrage at the end of their game against Infused.MIX, with Neil_M celebrating excitedly.

Next up was Mirage, and it was most likely going to be the end for the game as it was Barrage’s map. So it started off as ping-pong, with Barrage taking the pistol after mole secured a 3v1 clutch after MiGHTYMAX picked up a 4k in the pistol, as each round went to the opposing sides until it was 3-2, when Barrage moved on to roll on with rounds. With Infused.MIX just forcing up every round and not allowing their economy to recover it was easy going for Barrage, until it got to the final four rounds of the half where Infused.MIX didn’t let Barrage back in, setting the half at 9-6. Could they come back? That question was answered swiftly by Barrage as they didn’t drop a single round in the second half, finishing it up at 16-6 and winning the grand final 3-0.

Barrage collecting their trophy and prize

Whindanski holding Barrage’s First-Place trophy during the prize ceremony

So with Barrage taking it, it shows good things for the new BEASTS lineup who make up the core of this mix team as they continue on in their online (and european) pursuits. Next up will be Insomnia i57 which will be an exciting view in the next step of UKCSGO.

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