epic.17: End of Group Stage Recap

by Michael Moriarty

In what has been mostly an unremarkable day during the epic.SEVENTEEN group stage, minus the requirement of downgrading your client to make sure you could connect to the servers and play without bugs in order to keep it competitively sound.

To see the groups (and results) head over to the epic.LAN tournament page for the entire Group Stage.

Group A

From the beginning of the day there was one group that stood out as one that was going to be quite close. The first news was that the team going under the name of Coltkillaz would not be playing, as no-one picked up on the fact they lacked the required amount of players in time, leading to forfeits being called. Post this conundrum, it was onto the rest of the games, which sailed pretty smoothly. Notable results would be the unseeded team of NEWvibe picking up a draw against seeded LEAVEITYEAH. After the winning results for both sides following this then required the team led by well-known CSGO caster Jack “Jacky” Peters needing to either win, draw or lose by less than 9 rounds against CeX. This went to plan by being the only team to stop CeX from winning the group, by taking them to a very close draw. This sent the two seeded teams (CeX and LEAVEITYEAH) going through to the knockout rounds.

Group B

Group B is a similar group in the group stage that went off without any real upsets. Firm favourites Barrage sailed through the opposition, only dropping 28 rounds throughout the entire group stage, including a 16-6 beating of fellow seeded side Perilous.FURY. Perilous.FURY were the other side to make it out of Group B, who went through winning their remaining games.

Group C

The third of the group provided an upset for the lower seeded side, as The Altar Boys (seventh seed) crashed out fourth in their group after dropping games to the unseeded We Got This and Defiled Gaming, as well as the higher seeded side of uFrag. After winning their game against We Got This earlier in the day, this left Defiled firm favourites to go in second from their group, a place of which they finished. uFrag also sailed through their group in first, not losing any more than 9 rounds in any of their games. This saw uFrag and Defiled going through to

Group D

This was the odd numbered group, with only 6 teams in it unlike the rest of them which featured 7. Another small upset came forward here, with the 8th seed failing to make it out of groups here as they were overtaken by Mini Kiev Krew, which occurred almost instantly as the first game was between these two sides. The Infused.MIX team made it through pretty comfortably, with the closest game they had being in their final game against Armchair Athletes. However, as AA didn’t win that game they failed to pass through groups meaning the two sides through were Infused.MIX and Mini Kiev Krew.

This means that there are only 8 teams heading into the knockout stages, the first round games being:

Cex -v- Mini Kiev Krew Infused.MIX -v- LEAVEITYEAH Barrage -v- Defiled uFrag -v- Perilous.FURY

The knockout tournament will be in a double-elimination fashion, starting on the 19th and continuing until the final on Sunday.

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