epic.17: Upper Semi Final: Cex -v- Infused.MIX

by Michael Moriarty

The first upper semi final of the day is up, after CeX overcame the Mini Kiev Krew in their first knock-out game 16-6, and Infused.MIX  also come through to the semis by taking down LEAVEITYEAH 16-4. Those two teams then face each other in the Lower Bracket later, but first up was the matchup between the first and fourth seeds.

Map 1: Inferno (12-16)

The first map in this upper semi final was going well for CeX, just about keeping the mix side at bay to give them a sure advantage, by taking the majority of the rounds whilst they were on the T side of the map, constantly bombing down Banana or second mid into the sites after taking the first few rounds. Ignoring a close call at 5-5, CeX managed to push through to the half with a good secure amount of rounds at 10-5. The second half was going to plan for the tournament favourites, after losing the pistol to get the following two and seemingly build on their advantage but from there it collapsed. The mix team led by redSNK pushed through and didn’t drop any other rounds against CeX and pushed through to come back and win 12-16. Not starting well for a side pushing for a second LAN win in a row.

CeX discussing with redSNK about what went wrong in their game

CeX discussing with Powell about what went wrong in their game

Map 2: Dust 2 (13-16)

This is a map that some would expect a mix would take easily and if you looked at the pistol and rounds following you’d be right, but CeX wouldn’t sit down too quickly as they managed to equal up the game to 4-4. But these two teams were evenly matched here, taking rounds from each other and not allowing each other to string many between each other, something which was mirrored in the half-time score as CeX had a slight advantage going in at 8-7. With the reigning iSeries champions moving onto their T side it as all to play for, but Infused stopped their dreams quickly as they took the pistol. CeX, not to be outclassed, forcebought their way to the next round, before a game of pingpong with the rounds halted any sort of proper buy coming from either team until CeX managed to get themselves onto 10-9 to push forward and collect a couple of rounds to 12-9. But Infused weren’t to be stopped, as they managed to buy a full set of rifles due to their loss bonus to start rolling in the rounds, taking over CeX’s score at 12-13. CeX managed to get one more with a Tec-9 rollout, but there was no stopping Infused who had a sizeable economy from rolling the remaining game out and winning 13-6, and going 2-0 on maps in the upper semi final.

This sets Infused.MIX up for a Upper Bracket Final game with Barrage eSports, who beat uFrag 2-0 earlier. This upper semi final loss also means CeX drop to the lower bracket, a place where they have been seen most often and could also be seen as comfortable for the side as they have qualified for the final through the lower brackets for the last few LANs.

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