epic.17: uFrag beat CeX in LAN shocker

by Michael MoriartyFebruary 20, 2016

Number 1 seed CeX have been beaten by the 3rd seeded team uFrag 2-1 in the Lower Bracket consolidation final, providing a huge upset against a side who have managed to qualify for the past three UK LAN finals and also one of the key favourites to win the event.

The first map came on as Overpass, of which would be an interesting matchup as CeX would be wanting to make amends for their loss against Infused earlier in the day. uFrag on the other hand were brimming with confidence with the belief that they could potentially take the next game. The game started off well as uFrag went 5-0 up giving CeX’s morale a bit of a bashing. This continued on pretty well, as uFrag managed to take the map from CeX 16-8, with the banter flowing between the rows where they were playing from.

Adamxoxoxo celebrating his win with a customary shout.

Adamxoxo celebrating his win with a customary shout.

The second map was Dust 2 which went more the way of CeX as they looked to break the spell of losses that they had been under, which went well underway as they managed to push through and show a fair amount of control over how the tie was to finish, as the map was taken by the favourites 10-16 in a quest to get the tie back under their control.

But as Mirage folded out it was unlikely. After the game was getting close around 7-6, uFrag pushed on and kept taking rounds from the top seed. This sent the CeX side down in morale, as after the score got to 13-10 it was no longer, as the boys in blue moved to the final score of 16-10, taking the game 2-1 and moving into the Lower Bracket Final against the Infused.MIX team, with the winner of that heading into the final against Barrage eSports. It’s all to play for over on the epicLAN stream.

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