epic.17; PhoenixUK Talk Show Special at epic.LAN

by Gumpster

PhoenixUK aired originally a couple of weeks ago as part of the epic.LAN Stream Team. With Valentines Day being on at the weekend last weekend, we had a break even though we had planned to do a proper preview show to epic.SEVENTEEN.

However with a few more plans on the table, we are doing a proper show at epic.SEVENTEEN as a special and that we can grab people as and when we see them and as they are going out live. Tonight as we are at LAN, we will have an open door policy to the table towards guests, so really anything can and probably will happen with regards to the show.

Gumpster & guests once again on PhoenixUK live from epic.SEVENTEEN (Credit: epic.LAN Gallery)


Thursday 18th February – 10pm – Midnight; Show Two

  • Counter-Strike:Global Offensive; The Update from Valve, The Heavyweights here at LAN, the outsiders and many guests.
  • Dota2;  The teams at heavyweight level, the outsiders, predictions, talks with various leaders.
  • StarCraft2; The players who are squaring up to each other (Ourk etc), who could win, Wardi’s weigh in.

The show will also invite people to get involved in the topics with the use of social media, if you have twitter you can get involved with tweeting your opinion followed by #PhoenixUK, we will keep an eye through social media for your tweets and read them out throughout the 2 hour long show. Of course, you can simply be on Twitch chat and we will take your questions and opinions there too.

To watch PhoenixUK talk show tune in here on the epic.LAN Central Stream.

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