epic.17: Rollback on servers to prevent bugs

by Michael Moriarty

After Valve’s recent update providing many game breaking bugs, alongside the long-awaited release of the new de_nuke, the epic.LAN admin team have announced that they are to rollback their servers to  times before “Newke”.

The main reason for this update is down to the return of the Alt-Tab Smoke glitch, meaning people could ignore the smokes  entirely by hopping out of game for a couple seconds and then returning. This isn’t the only issue, however, as SourceMod no longer works with the new update, so the automation of the servers no longer works efficiently. Also those who use AMD graphics cards have been known to suffer crashes at regular intervals, making it difficultto play.

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton has said:

 Due to the fact that so many game breaking bugs have been found today, we decided to take the bold decision to rollback said update to preserve the integrity of the competitive nature of our event.

So unless the game suddenly fixes within the next 24 hours before the first games start, you will need to be playing on the previous update, which can be done by going to the game’s properties, Betas and selecting “Jan 27”, this will allow you to play on the same patch and work properly with the servers.

This rollback requires you to run the game through rcon and record demos manually in order to operate correctly.

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