Epic.FIFTEEN seeds and groups released

by Adam HeathJuly 17, 2015

Epic.FIFTEEN kicks off today in the Kettering Conference Centre and the seeds and groups for the CSGO tournament have been released. Things look very close at the top of the seeding table with fish123 claiming first after their performance in the ESL UK Premiership Qualifiers. Choke Gaming take the second seed spot and are closely followed by CaZ eSports which should make for a very interesting knockout stage, so long as there are no upsets during the groups.

1st – fish123 – keita, weber, batham, kryptix, Joee
2nd – Choke Gaming – Immi, MightyMax, Esio, Powell, Peggyyyy
3rd – CAZ eSports – jakem, REAZN, SpudZ, tsack, decclan
4th – Molotovs and Marshmallows – VertiGo, aqua, b3n, redSNK, kinder
5th – Curse These Metal Hands – benkofk, crazycat, mortism, quiver, boaster
6th – uFrag – adam5, bunny, ashhh, Hypeizback, zeo
7th – ALL4 – Berty, maxyb, eb, FresH, 5haBo
8th – Defiled Gaming -SereX, coN, MaC, dor, viCe

The groups are causing some discussions as EpicLAN have chosen to adopt the “fairer” use of seedings in group stages so seed 4/5 do not meet at this stage.

epic.FIFTEEN groups

epic.FIFTEEN group stages

We also see from the group stages that Group D has a bye in it meaning that vital 16th team to trigger the £1,500 prize pool didn’t register for the event. There were two teams with three players each that could have combined to make up the needed 16th team, but for one reason or another, they chose not to combine forces.

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  1. There a link to the groups so that I can see up to date results?