epic17: The Viewers Guide

by Gumpster

The first LAN event of 2016 is now upon us in the United Kingdom. There will be a grand total of 27 teams + heading to Kettering Conference Centre later today, and with the recent announcement that £3,000 is now the official prize pool with Top 4 being given a share of that, there is a lot to play for this weekend.

As previous event coverage, we like to help provide a post which includes all notable things from the event, and give you an anticipated timeline of what to expect throughout the weekend. This post will give you a few of the teams to look out for, the format of the event, the stream information, and any other bits of information that you may need throughout the weekend.

The Teams

I won’t post the entire list of teams here, as there are still some not signed up or incomplete line ups however I will give you the various list of teams who have a chance at making some headway this event.

The Heavyweights

  • Barrage eSports – Whindanski, CRUC1AL, mole, Surreal, s0m
  • Team CeX – kARMApangya, resu, CINDER, fisherA, Charley
  • uFrag – adamxoxo, Yoshi, HypeIzBack, ashhh, Powell
  • redSNK mix – redSNK, Weber, keita, Kryptix, Mightymax

The Challengers

  • LEAVEITYEAH – Jacky, Joee, Esiooo, Jak3y, Alex
  • Perilous.FURY – SpeedyG, AL, maltB, quiver, debaser
  • Armchair Athletes – Rhyswilliams, HaydeNNN, Phantasy, kpiz, tesk0
  • Defiled Gaming – SereX, coN, viCe, uor, TDK

The Outsiders

  • Playcasters.UK – TVCasper, CloudyB, kittycat, DazzyJ, Zzonked, Quzalonk
  • Mini Kiev Krew – toxxeh, Elk, Vicious, Minkle, GabrieL69
  • BigBoys.CS – Zaredd, bigsteve, Gilvar, Big_Lew, BigJack
  • Giraffes.UK – r3tr0z, Challister, Toaster1, nooo, Macklem0r

The Banter Bus

  • FeelsBadMan – Tristay, Codymvo, UndoCTRLz, JC, Brooky, mSrty
  • We Got This – Links, blueice, Milny, carlo, Superdave

Set up in full swing for epic.SEVENTEEN (Credit: epic.LAN Gallery)

The Format

Group Stage

  • Groups of 5/6/7
  • Best Of One
  • Veto
  • Top 2 Advance (unless there are more than 4 groups)

Elimination Stage

  • Double Elimination, 8 teams
  • Best of Three
  • Best Of Five Grand Final (1 Map Advantage for Upper Bracket Final winners)

Teams post group stage who were knocked out will be entered into the Intermediate Tournament which will take place all day Saturday. Format yet to be decided.

Map Pool

  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_train
  • de_mirage
  • de_cache
  • de_cobblestone
  • de_overpass

Prize Pool


  • 1st Place: £1,725 + 5x Free Tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 2nd Place: £875 + 5x £20 off tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 3rd Place: £300 + 5x £10 off tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN
  • 4th Place: £100

The Schedule

All times are rough estimates at this point bar the starting times of the day, please note, delays have been known to happen at UK events, and so we advise you to keep an eye through the dedicated tournament website. Remember all times are in GMT. Please note that there are specific tournament related shows going out on the Central Stream this LAN, so these are added to the “schedule” to reflect the additional content epic.LAN are putting out this LAN event.


  • Event Opens – 4pm
  • Opening Ceremony – 8pm
  • PhoenixUK Special epic.LAN Show – 10pm* (live on epic.LAN Central Stream)


  • Breakfast ‘n’ Chill – 9am – 11am (Central Stream)
  • Group Game 1 – 11am
  • Group Game 2 – 12:30pm
  • Group Game 3 – 2pm
  • Group Game 4 – 3:30pm
  • Tournament Story So Far; Round Up – 4pm – 4:30pm (Central Stream)
  • Group Game 5 – 6pm
  • Group Game 6 – 7:30pm
  • Elimination Round 1 – 9:30pm


  • Breakfast ‘n’ Chill – 9am – 11am (Central Stream)
  • Elimination Round 2 – 10am
  • Tournament Story So Far; Round Up – 12noon – 12:30pm (Central Stream)
  • Elimination Round 3 – 12:30pm
  • Elimination Round 4 – 3pm
  • Tournament Story So Far; Round Up – 4pm – 4:30pm (Central Stream)
  • Elimination Round 5 – 5:30pm
  • Upper Bracket & Lower Bracket Finals – 9pm
  • Tournament Story So Far; Grand Finals Previews – 9:30pm – 10pm (Central Stream)


  • Breakfast ‘n’ Chill – 9am – 11am (Central Stream)
  • Consolation Final – 9am
  • Grand Final – 12noon

Event Streams


Mark “Crossy” Cross
Heather “Naysayerz” Dower
Sonny “Herold” Neal
Neil “Neil_M” Murphy

epic.LAN CS:GO Stream
epic.LAN Central Stream

Make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO.com over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from epic.SEVENTEEN.

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