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Sheekey Leaves NerdRage, RattlesnK rumored to replace.

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Last night, Sheekey announced that he is parting ways with NerdRage, citing personal differences between him and the rest of the team. As far as stability goes, this team has survived a couple post LAN shuffles.  This stability has helped them show growing promise in the European scene and they also managed to snag first place in the UKCSGO January Top 10. Jonathan “Sheekey” Sheekey has been the driving force of this team as in game leader since it came together late last year. Sheekey and NerdRage have put the split down to friction growing between him and the rest of the team because of his calling style.

Sheekey expanded on his tweet with the following statement –

After our loss against Gbots it clearly showed that the team was not working and that no matter what I said or did, it was always going to lead into an argument of some form from someone within the team. I don’t know if it’s lack of experience in relation to losing important games or a personality issue or anything, really. At the end of the day, everyone knows I’m a ‘rager’ I don’t hide the fact, yes I rage and yes of course it effected the games but it was like trying to get blood from a stone when asking a simple question always seemed to lead onto a argument.

I obviously wish things were sorted at an earlier date and not spoke about behind my back for weeks but hey ho what can you do its the UK. I would of them rather kicked me 3 weeks ago and grew a pair instead of letting me get to this point were I have to force questions and basically just leave the team as I’m under stress with what’s going on in real-life at the moment.

On a positive note thanks to Rudiak and NerdRage for there support, it was one of the best organisations I have played under and they will go far with his mindset. GL to the rest of the UK scene and if anyone needs a coach, I’m here.

NerdRage followed up by posting the below statement –

After an apparent loss of strings since the Operation: Kinguin #2 event, the team has decided to replace Sheekey, citing chemistry, poor results, and the lack of the team being able to bond as one for being the issue for the replacement. In the meantime, the team looks to try out other fellow UK players in an attempt to regain the synergy NerdRage recently lost.

This comes as a surprise, even though the NerdRage team have lost their past 4 matches. Starting since Operation: Kinguin #2, the final blow was against gBots, when the team got obliterated on both de_cobblestone and de_train. That seemed to be the final blow for the NerdRage 4. It seemed like the team just weren’t themselves, and they chose to replace veteran IGL Sheekey. Sheekey has also had his string of bad results, most notably a poor performance against E-Frag on de_dust2 of the Operation: Kinguin #2 group stages.

We wish Sheekey the best of luck and hope that he will have a career just as successful as his time in NerdRage. We know that he is one of the stepping stones of the current UK scene, and losing him is brutal for us. With his current past experience and with him helping create the lineup we represent today; it was a regrettable decision to make, knowing he had the IGL-ing and talent which created the team.

This means that NerdRage is now –

James “Lumji” Webb
Shane “Shaney” Smith
Jerome “aqua” Parramore
Chris “dream” Choat

Rumours have been circling around that Sam “RattlesnK” Gawn is likely to be making a return to competitive play, and filling the empty spot in NerdRage. We will continue to bring the latest news from the NerdRage camp over the coming days and weeks on who the actual replacement is.

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