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epic21: The Seedings

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The admin team at epic.LAN have today announced what the seedings will be for epic21. With around 28 teams taking part, the admins have opted for 16 seeds and with a stacked field of teams, it has been incredibly difficult for them to get it accurate.

It is one of the most hotly anticipated subjects at an iSeries event. Everyone will be expecting a seed, just to make their path through the group stages “easier”, some will be disappointed they didn’t get some and accept that. Others though won’t be so accepting and will suddenly storm down to the Admin table and list every single meaningless result possible to the admins in the hopes of forcing them to change their minds.

It is probably my most favourite part of LAN, because even though I don’t do them or even influence them, I still manage to get chastised for being “involved” and “not knowing the scene at all” because I “missed out a certain cup, or league or event that happened”.

1 Endpoint Mix (Sliggy, MightyMax, Jenko, Kryptix, keita)
2 xL/Infused (Luzuh, Whindanski, conoR, MCK, ec1s)
3 CeX (resu, Astroo, LiamS, hemzk9, L1NK)
4 Reason Gaming (Kray, Thomas, HoodluM, kARMApangya, CINDER)
5 Radix esports (r0m, Danceyz, ozzyxd, dreaming, dOMM)
6 Indoor Campers (Pommey, roma, JDD, jadam, Boaster)
7 Impulse Gaming (xpecx, Rybak, oli, BluRRyy, Alf)
8 Enemies in Disbelief (logzi, tamsteR, dafsani, Trials, Ruleh)

9 Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homonculus (Jacky, Snodz, Jak3y, Yoshi, JT)
10 The Goose House (Tattie, Jackblk3, AcEY, LukeJM, EddieK2)
11 Revolution (breezee, Kempy, cookeh, halz, dream—)
12 Descend (MontSta, 5haBo, dino, DM_God, Kai)
13 Cardinals (neggies, Puls3, logaN, Ryde, Gizmo)
14 YDKM (z1nked, Pyromaniac, Python, baron, Straszy)
15 GetGoofd (KEHZUH, JamsteRz, CrispyNatoR, oakmerch, Baget)
16 VTDD (Will, Xacty, Miixer, Downed, sashcx)

Do you agree with these seeds, make sure you get in touch with us through the tweets and facebook comments section.

We will be having more coverage, interviews, reactions and many other things over the coming weekend with a variety of teams, so make sure you keep in touch with UKCSGO in the run up and during epic21 through our Facebook & Twitter pages.

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