epic25: First round of the playoffs

by Michael MoriartyOctober 12, 2018

We’re nearly done here for they day in Kettering, and we’re entering into the first rounds of the epic25 playoffs. To view the full format, as well as the group progress, check the post from earlier in the day, which lists the full system and has a fully updated version of the groups.

First up, we’ll talk about the rather large number of upsets in the group stage. Group A say seeds nine and five switch, with gumpster’s fanboys headed to the upper bracket and BuzzKill Esports to the lower. Group B saw a slaughter, with the 14th seed of genetics * being completely knocked out, with 18th seed Exillium Esports finishing second in the group, ahead of sixth and tenth seeds BaronsMoneyCrew and KDR.

Group C went as predicted, with all seeded teams finishing where they were expected to. Finally Group D saw tournament fourth seed Lifts? finish fourth in the group, behind 12th and 16th seeds peugeot 1.2 9670090880 aircon pipe and Rat Pack.

All of these results have lined up the following upper and lower bracket matches for tonight. Clicking on each game will link to the epicLAN tournament page. All games are a best-of-three.

Upper Bracket – Quarter Final

Fierce Esports -vs- peugeot 1.2 9670090880 aircon pipe
gumpster’s fanboys -vs- Madeeka
ferrari peekers -vs- Exillium Esports
-vs- CeX

Lower Bracket – Round One

BuzzKill Esports -vs- Lifts?
Gingers and Ganja -vs- Rat Pack
IGI Esports -vs- KDR
OMEN -vs- BaronsMoneyCrew

One of the above games will be streamed live over on the epicLAN twitch channel. Otherwise, you can use the provided GOTV servers to keep up with all the action.

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