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epic25 – The Seeds and The Groups

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We’re back in LAN season, and the Kettering Conference Center will play host to epicLAN’s 25th edition. UKCSGO can reveal the groups and seeds for the event in an easy readable and returnable format, as well as the schedule. Keep an eye on the website for updates throughout the tournament. 27 teams are taking part this time around, meaning £3000 is on offer for the event.


We’ll begin with the schedule, and assuming everything goes to plan, this is how the tournament will progress this weekend, with alll times in the current BST timezone.

Friday Saturday Sunday
Bo1 Game One 10:30 AM Bo3 LB Final 9:00 AM
Bo1 Game Two 11:30 AM BREAK
Bo1 Game Three 12:30 AM Bo3 LB R2 11:00 AM Bo3 Grand Final 12:00 PM
BREAK Bo3 UB SF 12:00 PM
Bo1 Game Four 2:30 PM Bo3 LB R3 1:00 PM
Bo1 Game Five 3:30 PM BREAK
Bo1 Game Six 4:30 PM Bo3 LB R4 5:00 PM
Bo1 Game Seven 5:30 PM Bo3 UB Final 5:00 PM
BREAK Bo3 LB R5 8:00 PM
Bo3 UB QF 7:00 PM
Bo3 LB R1 7:00 PM


Now for the always favourite contentious part of the event, the seeds. These were released at 9pm last night (apologies for the delay) and there was some controversy involved, but most were well received. The seedings were developed by the CS:GO admin team headed up by Umar “Maru” Aswat, and involved looking at previous LAN event finishes by team members, their online performances in leagues like ESEA and the ESL Premiership, as well as performances in PUG leagues like ESEA, UKPL/AL and the FPL. The seedings, with teams, are as follows:

1st: Fierce Esports
2nd: CeX
3rd: ferrari peekers
4th: Lifts?

5th: BuzzKill Esports
6th: BaronsMoneyCrew
7th: Osterity
8th: Madeeka

9th: gumpster’s fanboys
10th: KDR
11th: IGI Esports
12th: 1.2 3/8 A/C 9670090880 aircon flex pipe

13th: Gingers and Ganja
14th: genetics *
15th: OMEN
16th: Rat Pack

17th: Parkinsons and Pints
18th: Exillium Esports
19th: potshots
20th: Revilo Unoffical Fangroup

21st: Old & Tired
22nd: Derby Raptors Mix
23rd: Blackout Gaming
24th: Xplicit

25th: LANiMALS
26th: KingsUnite.Mix
27th: The Pack


The event’s format features a best-of-one round robin group stage followed by a full best-of-three double elimination format, inspired by the likes seen at DOTA 2’s The International. With the number of teams here, there will be four groups, three of which will have seven teams and one with six. The groups are as follows:

[table id=50 /] [table id=51 /] [table id=52 /] [table id=53 /]

These groups will be updated through all of today. The action will be streamed on the epiclan1 Twitch channel, with a rotating cast featuring Rory “dream” Redmond, Michael “youm3” Cassidy, Jamie “switchbladejay” and Dave “davemarr” Marr.

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