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UKCS Roster News: Diabolus re-enters and Orgles5 return

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There’s been a few roster shuffles coming into the next ESEA season, of which a number of teams from the UK compete in. We’ve already reported on the changes to Vexed’s UK (now majority Swedish) line-up and Epsilon’s new European squadron, but there are a few that we have missed. Here’s your quick round-up of the latest UKCSGO Roster Moves relevant to the UK scene.

We begin with the return of the Orgles5 name, under Ian “Immi” Harding’s leadership. The name was last seen back in July 2016, where Immi coached a team featuring the likes of Sam “Rattlesnk” Gawn and Pete “pt” Wright, before the roster eventually morphed into Endpoint. This time the name returns with a different roster, albeit headed up by the same man.


Immi’s statement goes into more than just the line-up of the team, mentioning the NRG work visa issues, as well as attempts at getting into a new coaching job which were all unsuccessful – it’s worth reading the full Twitlonger to get a glimpse into what happened over the past four and a half months. After this, he’s returned to playing, picking up a number of well-known UKCS talents. First up on the list is his former Endpoint teammate, who also had a North American journey, Tramaine “stan1ey” Stanley. stan1ey had a well-documented adventure with Ghost, where he took part in a portion of the ESL Pro League Season 7 run, where they narrowly avoided the relegation tournament. After he left he revealed a picture of the set-up he used through Twitter, which was safe-to-say not conducive to peak performance. The two are joined by former Wind and Rain player Tom “jenko” Jenkinson, ex-Radix player Calum “Kray” Knight and former Luminary rifler Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad. The team are currently competing in ESEA Advanced, having inherited the position from Immi’s team from the previous season. They are currently 2-2 in that division, albeit with the first few games featuring a slightly different roster than with who they are now competing with.

The Orgles5 roster is as follows:

Ian “Immi” Harding
Tramaine “stan1ey” Stanley
Tom “jenko” Jenkinson
Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad
Calum “Kray” Knight

Next up comes the news that the former Wind and Rain duo, Sam “Astroo” Gresham and Travis “L1NK” Mendoza, had reunited to form a European team that flies the Diabolus banner.

Diabolus Esports announcing their new CS:GO roster.

The team they head up is European in nature, as they are joined by UK-based Latvian Ardis “ardiiis” Svarenieks, Hungarian Fodor “fleav” Levente and Dane Hector “HECTOz” Jensen for the upcoming ESEA Advanced season. The team sit in that division after the former Wind and Rain squad, where the initially mentioned duo were joined by Zaki “Danceyz” Dance, Aaron “frei” Frei and Tom “jenko” Jenkinson, failed to re-qualify through the ESEA Season 28 MDL Relegation tournament after losses to Endpoint and Fnatic Academy. So far the team are 2-2 in the division, with wins over defusekids and Bursaspor under their belts, and losses to HyperioN and the former Fnatic Academy team.

Diabolus’ team are as follows:

Sam “Astroo” Gresham
Travis “L1NK” Mendoza
Ardis “ardiiis” Svarenieks
Fodor “fleav” Levente
Hector “HECTOz” Jensen

Briefly, here’s a selection of the news that is relevant to the UK Scene that’s happened in the past month or so:

The next UK LAN event in the UK will see epicLAN return to Kettering for its sold-out 25th edition next week, taking place between October 11th-14th. We’ll be releasing a preview of the event closer to the time, featuring all of the teams, formats and other important information required for the event.

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