epic25: Upper Bracket Final Teams confirmed

by Michael MoriartyOctober 13, 2018

epic25 has continued in the upper bracket, and both of the two semi final matches concluded in a swift 2-0 fashion, meaning we have the confirmed upper bracket final teams for this evening’s match.

Fierce Esports completed their match against Madeeka first, with Mirage coming out in a quick 16-8 fashion, before completing the tie with a 16-4 win on Cache to really emphasise their top seed, being in complete control throughout here in Kettering. The second and third seeds then met in the other semi final, this time with CeX being taken down by ferarri peekers in the two maps, the first being a relatively swift 16-8 win on Cache, before a close 30-round match on Inferno to set up the match with Fierce in the next round.

The full results from the Upper Bracket were as follows:

Upper Bracket – Semi Final

Fierce Esports -vs- Madeeka
(Mirage 16-8, Cache 16-4)
ferarri peekers -vs- CeX
(Cache 16-8, Inferno 16-14)

UPDATE: Round 3 of the Lower Bracket has also concluded, meaning the results are as follows:

Lower Bracket – Round Three

Lifts? 2-0 gumpster’s fanboys
(Inferno 16-7, Dust2 16-11)
Exillium Esports 1-2 BaronsMoneyCrew
(Train 10-16, Inferno 16-11, Overpass 5-16)

This means the next matches will be:

Upper Bracket – Final

Fierce Esports -vs- ferarri peekers

Lower Bracket – Round Four

Madeeka -vs- BaronsMoneyCrew
CeX -vs- Lifts?

The third round of the Lower Bracket is ongoing as of posting, and the matchups are covered in the previous post. Both the Upper Bracket Final and round four of the Lower Bracket are set to commence at 5pm this evening. All games will be streamed live over on the epicLAN twitch channel as well as the provided GOTV servers so you can keep up with all the action.

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