epic25: ferarri peekers Defeat Fierce Esports, to Grand Final

by Michael Moriarty
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The Upper Bracket Final here at epic25 has concluded and if you take a look at the seeds, a surprising result occurred with the top seed falling to the third seeded team.

Inferno started the match, and it was ferrari peekers who opened the game up, taking the pistol and following anti-eco. Fierce picked up the third and evened the game up at 2-2, before starting to take a small lead. It wouldn’t last for long, however, as they would only win two more rounds in the entire first half.

The second half began with Fierce securing the pistol round, and pushed on to the next four rounds to narrow the game up on their T-side. However, ferrari peekers weren’t going to let them reach an even scoreline once again, ramping up the CT-side to reach map point. Fierce were able to win one more round, but it was the “rarri’s” who came out on top as 16-10 winners.

Next up was Cache, and the two teams were at it for a fair while. Fierce began with the pistol round and following anti-eco, before ferrari peekers picked up the third round, with Fierce then eco’ing their opponents to keep the lead. They kept this up until a 5-1 lead, before ferrari peekers came back in to narrow the scoreline, but it was Fierce who claimed eight rounds and secured the lead in the half. The two teams kept it close from there, with ferrari peekers picking up a couple more rounds after that, before Fierce went in 9-6 ahead.

The second half started off being ferrari peekers’, as they took the first two rounds before Fierce entered in for a tenth. The two teams remained close, with ferrari peekers briefly taking the lead at 11-10 before Fierce came back out and kept themselves in the game and pushed on for a lead of their own. The peekers weren’t going to shut down, eventually reaching another tie at 13-13 and again at 14-14. With 30 rounds secured, it was the peekers who hit match point first before Fierce remained in with a shout after a forcebuy. The overtime wasn’t going to go their way, as they only picked up one round with ferrari peekers taking the 19-16 win.

Upper Bracket Final

Fierce Esports 0-2 ferrari peekers
(Inferno 10-16, Cache 16-19)

VODs: Map 1, Map 2

This result means ferrari peekers will face the winner of tomorrow’s Consolidation Final in the Grand Final tomorrow, at 12pm. Fierce will be in that game, facing off against the winner of the Lower Bracket Final, to be decided tonight.

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