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epic25: Two More Lower Bracket Rounds

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After the successes of the Upper Bracket Finals here at epic25, the Lower Bracket moved on and passed through the Lower Bracket Final.

The Lower Bracket Semi Finals took place first, with CeX taking on Lifts? in the first game. The two teams ended up playing three close maps, with Train starting the series off, eventually falling 16-10 in favour of CeX. Nuke followed, and this time Lifts? picked up the map in this series, taking a much closer 16-13 win on the notorious map. Inferno ended the best-of-three, with a decisive 16-5 win for CeX.

Madeeka taking on BaronsMoneyCrew followed, with all three maps being close between the two teams. Overpass was the opener, with Madeeka taking first blood in the series with a 16-10 win. BaronsMoneyCrew weren’t to fall out of the bracket at this stage, taking a close 16-14 win on Mirage, followed by another close 16-13 win on Cache.

The Lower Bracket Final followed, with CeX taking on BaronsMoneyCrew. This match was much less close than the previous two, with CeX making their way forward with a 16-7 win on Cache before completing the series with a 16-9 win on Inferno.

The Full Results were:

Lower Bracket Semi Finals

CeX 2-1 Lifts?
(Train 16-10, Nuke 13-16, Inferno 16-5)
Madeeka 1-2 BaronsMoneyCrew
(Overpass 16-10, Mirage 14-16, Cache 13-16)

Lower Bracket Final

CeX 2-0 BaronsMoneyCrew
(Cache 16-7, Inferno 16-9)

This leaves a Consolidation Final in the offing, between CeX and Fierce Esports. In a change to the schedule, the game is being played tonight in order to allow for a best-of-five Grand Final tomorrow.

Consolidation Final

CeX -vs- Fierce Esports
(Nuke, Cache, Dust2)

This game will be streamed live over on the epicLAN twitch channel as well as the provided GOTV servers so you can keep up with all the action.

UPDATE: The Consolidation Final finished in a swift 2-0, with Fierce taking down CeX to move on to the Grand Final on Sunday. Nuke was a 16-10 win for Fierce, whilst Cache came out as a dominant 16-2 performance.

Consolidation Final

CeX 0-2 Fierce Esports
(Nuke 16-10, Cache 16-2)

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